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Made in Chelsea Milly, Caggy etc style thread

birkinkellylove Posted By birkinkellylove Posted Apr 9, 2012

  1. Can't seem to find one? so maybe we can start one?:cool:
  2. Yes! I was thinking about starting this thread and you got there first.

    Allow me to start with a couple of pictures of Caggie Dunlop.

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  3. ^great! I will add some later
  4. graziadaily.co.uk/pub/21publish/f/fashion/millie-mackintosh-grazia-intern.jpg
  5. Rosie Fortescue

    Coat: Zara
    Jumper: Acne
    Fur Collar: Gerard Darel
    Trousers: Victoria Beckham
    Boots: Tods
    Handbag: Prada
    Necklace: Mawi
    Sunglasses: Polariod

    Leather Jacket: Maje
    Cashmere Jumper: Austique
    Skirt: The Kooples
    Boots: Tods
    Necklace: Mawi
    Clutch: Zara

    Mink Coat: Vintage
    Top: ASOS
    Scarf: Aspinal of London
    Skirt: Maje
    Shoes: Maje

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  6. OMG, I found pics of her in chinchilla :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:

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  7. Rosie is the only one who appears to wear designers on the show considering they all have a bit of money.
  8. I think they all wear designer gear but they tend to mix with high street. I know that Victoria has a very expensive wardrobe for example. Am I alone in thinking she has the look of Victoria Beckham?

    I think that they are all very stylish generally, as are most of the men.
  9. yeah they are a stylish bunch, really like rosie's style.
  10. i love their style, especially millys
  11. I think Amber deserves a mention too, shame she isn't in it that much.
  12. Who the heck are these people?!
  13. Flip - lots of fur in the current season!!

    I saw the Grazia Milly interview in her "wardrobe" and they mentioned fur , she was quite coy about it but I definately remember seeing her in a nice fur...

    I didn't manage to post the photos, my first pic appeared as a link so i'll work on that lol!

    Platinum girly, it is a show set in Chelsea, England - the E4 show!

    I think Milly looks very elegant with hair up..
  14. LOL i have never heard of it, but then again i am mainly hooked on US shows :lol:
  15. Like this show! Want Rosie's Prada. :drool: