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Pupuds_30 Posted By Pupuds_30 Posted Jul 14, 2012

  1.  thanks for appreciating! :smile:
  2. What a lovely, varied collection. Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  3. Thanks much MrsPPS! You're one of my inspiration  Love your bag closet by the way.. Im already designing a bag closet for my growing bag collection! :smile:
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    My first Christian Dior  The Double Saddle Denim Bag.. Bought this online and it brought me to TPF..  Lovely authenticators from Dior forum helped me with this beautiful piece :smile: Loving it even if it's pre-owned. I'm not really a fan of small bags but this one is an exemption :smile: The old denim effect adds beauty to the bag :smile:

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  5. love this color! and love that it's named for a saffron sauce!
  6. Really? Didn't know that! :smile: and now I know  Thanks for the info! :smile: :smile:
  7. beautiful bag!!
  8. Beautiful bags, Congrats and thanks for sharing.
  9. Thanks for visiting! :smile:
  10. Inspired by a co-TPFer :smile: I went on hunting for Lady Dior bags.. Glad I found this! Large Lady Dior Nylon Cannage in beige (light brown)

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    At first, it was a bit of a problem because the color and material attract dirt and oil alot! then through extensive research :smile:, thAnks also to TPF, I was able to clean it without sending the bag to a bag spa shop! I can now use it without worrying much!:smile:

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    (re-posted photo)
  11. classy collection, thanks for sharing
  12. Awww.. Thanks airborne! :smile:
  13. makes me think of Sex and the City in the best way possible. :smile: