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Love Bracelet

jomar_luvs_bags Posted By jomar_luvs_bags Posted Apr 18, 2012

  1. Can anyone identify the Love bracelet in this stack? I've seen similar ones on Etsy but, I want this particular one. I like the thickness of the bracelet and the lettering.

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  2. Oooooo! That is pretty. I have no idea but when you find out come and share who the designer is!
  3. I think it is so curious to know who makes it as well. You could always have it custom made, nowadays with the cad software they can do amazing work. Just an idea, if you cannot find out the designer of the piece.
  4. I want the pave bow bracelet!
  5. It's a trio stack from Forever 21 - the love, the gemstone, and the plain bangle. I think the pave bow is also from there as well.

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  6. Wow nice detective work!
  7. impressive investigative skills!
  8. Does anyone know where to buy this now that Forever 21 no longer sells it?