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Louis Vuitton Resort 2013

bobobob Posted By bobobob Posted Jun 14, 2012

  1. Love that comment! :roflmfao:
  2. who cares, it is gorg! lol
  3. Love the pink speedy denim.
  4. Dayum...does it come with a man to carry it while you shop?!? :p
  5. Found NF with outer pockets as well...

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  6. ^^ love the pink! Thank u
  7. I would like to have this, pink is my favourite :smile:
    Thanks for the picture
  8. They are 2013 beach bags... not NF... maybe

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  9. shes lovely:love:
  10. Thank u so much! Love the pink one.. :biggrin:
  11. You may like them too (^0^)/

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  12. Thankyou for the great pics lvj12 ~ you always come up with the best "spy" pics!! :graucho:
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  14. are you aware what I've been posting...?:smile:
  15. Thank you for sharing, I love your blog site! That gold collar/necklace is stunning!