long time no reveal, but now its time again

salikons Posted By salikons Posted Jul 10, 2012

  1. Its been a really long time since a mulberry made my heart sing but this season is really going to give my savings a hard time...

    I just adore the black forest color and realised I absolutley must have something in that color right away( at least one bag but maby two later in the season).

    Meet tassle lilly, a real beauty. First when I saw her online I thought the tassels and gold wasn't for me, but the more I looked at her the more I liked her, and I decided I must have her. When she arrived it was love at first sight, but I had trouble with the chain, it was a little long since i am rather short. My black lilly I use as a shoulderbag, but this I can't do that with. I almost let her go back, because of that, but when I was going to wrapp her again and send her away I loked at her again and realised I just couldn't. She is so lovely, the perfect color, and perfect size, beautiful leather and a luxurious inside. And a classic with a twist, so she stays, and that's it. I am in love




    and some modellingpics, as you se she is a little long on me, but I think I can live with it, what do you say??? And she is almost perfect match with my read shoes...

    I am 1.55 cm and size 14. fist modellingpic crossbody, and second as shoulderbag


  2. She's a beauty! She looks much nicer in your pics than on the website! The BF colour is gorgeous! I don't think she looks too long on you, great modelling pics!
  3. thank you, I also think she is much nicer IRL than on when I choosed her I did so because of the color. I liked it a lot and I would like a smaller bag in that color, and she was the only smaller option so I picked her. I was really undecided at first by the tassels, but thought I could always remove them if I didn't like them, so I ordered her. Now I am very glad I did.

    I like smaller bags in color to give outfits a splash of color, otherwise I am no colorbagperson at all. My collection is oak, choc and black.
  4. Fab new bag, great colour. This colour is going to be huge this new season. I also like your Swedish hasbeens! I just love these shoes - I practically live in them.
  5. I love the Lily bag but more than that I do like studs and tassels so the combo is just great for me ;) It looks fab on you I love that you can wear it across body as I find with the standard strap on the Lily it is alittle short for that

    What a great reveal I love it ;0)
  6. yes hasbeens is great, i have them in a lot of models and colors, the perfect summershoe.
  7. Thats gorgeous
  8. Ooh it's so dainty and those tassels gives it an attitude ;)
    She looks awesome on you! Me likey! :loveeyes:
    Can u describe the colour? Is it tru to life - maroonish than red? Ta!
  9. oooh she is gorgeous!!!! I must have something in black forest too!!!
  10. She is gorgeous, Salikons!! And you wewar her so well - the length is actually a good length on you. Glad you're keeping her :biggrin:
  11. Really nice and our first reveal of this, congrats.
  12. I like her too ab. fab colour and dont mind the studs etc.
    Enjoy wearing her.
  13. I REALLY like the tassels and the colour, lovely to see the first reveal of this bag, congrats :biggrin:
  14. hm yes I think the color is rather true to life, almost deep burgondyred, if that makes sense. It is always hard to describe colors. The pics are taken with flash so they might look a little brighter than IRL, but not much. I am actually even more fond of the color IRL than on pics on
  15. thank you.