Lily vs cookie lily?

ncch Posted By ncch Posted Jul 4, 2012

  1. Have you thought about the deer brown Lily in grainy print leather? I recently went to buy an oak Lily, but the SA also brought out the deer brown and it had more of a wow factor for me. It may be a good halfway for you between the oak and cookie, because it has shiny gold hardware so is a little fancier than the oak.

    I'm new here but have bought a couple of mulberries in the last few months based on the info in this forum - so hi everyone!
  2. I like the oak Lily but went for a black one instead. As I was leaving home the cute horseshoe charm got caught on my bracelet and it took ages to get myself 'unhooked'. I thought about removing the whole thing from the bag but I pushed it up inside the leather and it seems ok now. I quite fancy a mini Lily now!
  3. Hi and welcome! Please share your Mulberries :smile:
  4. Thanks :smile: Since this is a Lily thread, here's my lovely Lily which I have only had a few days. It's love! The Lily is such a beautiful bag.

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  5. Is this the deer brown? Very pretty! Thanks for the suggestion, will check out when I get a chance!
  6. It is. I think it will stay more structured than the oak too as the leather is more rigid.
  7. Nice! Ugh every time I think about what happened with the cookie lily, I get sooo annoyed! Was such a good price too.. Oh well! On to another lily I guess!
  8. The deer brown looks gorgeous! I can see why you picked this one, instead of the oak! I love her - she's beautiful! And welcome to Mulberry! This forum is addictive!

    I'm so disappointed for you, ncch! I hope one miraculously turns up for you but hopefully another one steals your heart soon :smile:
  9. Thanks Cupcake. It certainly is addictive and has cost me a fair bit so far in convincing me to make my purchases! But they're so worth it :smile:

    I'm sure you'll find the bag for you soon will be worth the wait!
  10. Lily in Cookie, i don't think it would look childish anyway. once you're all dressed up, it will be fine :smile:
  11. I didn't like the Cookie when it first came out at all but as so often with Mulberry bags it has grown on me

    I think I will be adding one to my collection at some point

    I saw loads in the sale and passed them all over, now of course I regret it and wished I had bought one at a sensible price:graucho:
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    Thanks everyone! Im the same - didnt like it when i first saw it but now i think its cute! now I'm debating whether or not I should get the cookie sbs since im not really loving the lily with tassels for next season. (but i guess that might change as did with cookie). What do you ladies think? I really do need some sort of cross body function in my next bag but does this bag look funny that way?

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  13. Hi ncch! It depends on how much space you need it for. That sbs is heaps bigger than the lily but it's got all the cuteness factor of a cookie! :love:
  14. I have Lily in black and love it. Recommended!
  15. I'm not completely sold on the Cookie. I just keep wondering what that scalloped edge going to look like in 10 years.

    LOVE your Lily Miss Mulb!