Let's see all those "new" November goodies!!

tatertot Posted By tatertot Posted Nov 2, 2013

  1. I'll kick things off with my fresh out of the box Gris Poivre MSGH Hamilton City. I'm absolutely in love:love: The Metallic Bobble is a few months old but The Jacynth MRGGH wallet is also a just received addition.

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  2. My new Bal Hip & my current Bal collection (Black City, Gallet Day & Black Hip) :smile:

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  3. Oh I want a Bobble - it's adorable!
    Love your accessories - I have the black Hamilton City, the leather is fabulous isn't it!
  4. Wow, I didn't even know about the Bobble--uh oh.:biggrin: Very lovely additions on this thread.

    My first City, Cumin with mGSH. After debating a shade for summer use mostly, this was the final choice. I'm happy.

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  5. Beautiful bags and accessories, ladies!
    I'm expecting a FedEx delivery Monday.... ;)

    By the way, the bobble is too cute! It looks just like an octopus! (Did Bal plan it that way??)
  6. LOVE this picture .. all the accessories!! *S* .. you know I love me my Balenciaga accessories!! :lol: :graucho:
  7. The Bobbles were made for only 1 Year/Season .. and there were 2 different styles:
    > the "shortie" - which is what *Tatertot* has
    > the longer version - which had much longer tassels

    They were hard as heck to get; seemed to be limited to Europe and Asia only. I got mine overseas .. not in the US.
  8. Did not even see them in Asia much! I would have loved to find a non-metallic one!
  9. i just ordered my very first Bal, gris tarmac, from NM and i can't WAIT for it to arrive!! it came down to tarmac vs rose thulian (which is still in my shopping cart online b/c i can't seem to let it go). i love all these pictures! i live an hour and a half away from any store that sells Bal so this forum was invaluable in helping me make my decision. i'm traditionally an LV, Gucci and Burberry girl. i needed to branch out so here i am! love all your bags ladies!
  10. .. a friend of mine works in Hong Kong, and said they sold out almost immediately there. She happened to go up to Shanghai for business, saw one .. but the store wasn't open yet. When she went back at the end of the day, it was gonzo! :crybaby:
  11. Darnit! Do you know if theirs were non-metallic? I'm going next month... I will hit up all the reseller shops!