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Layering and Stacking Thread!

darkangel07760 Posted By darkangel07760 Posted Apr 23, 2012

  1. Hey! I bought this one at birks, it was originally a necklace and I had it changed to a bracelet. I kept the whole chain but doubled it up and voila! Bracelet :d its 0.95 total weight and I love the blue of this sapphire! So hard to find! Good luck on your sapphire hunt :smile:

    Thanks stmary! I agree its fun to add pops of colour to an all diamond stack!

    Thanks skyqueen! This sapphire loves light. Its goes almost a neon blue when it catches light :biggrin:
    Haha thanks! I'm always looking at how you stack for inspiration :smile: you have amazing pieces!
  2. Love your ring! Looks like yellow diamond. Is it?
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    The newest additions to my collection..... Dior Bois de Rose rings in 18k wg, one with diamonds on only the thorns, the other with pavè.

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  4. That's really cool looking
  5. Aray22, love your stack. So pretty and feminine!

    Junkenpo, your Dior rings are gorgeous. I'm partial to organic shapes, and these are so beautiful!

    Here's mine:

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  6. Stunning!
  7. Thanks for the kind words ladies... I haven't been this excited about jewelry in awhile... I suppose that's better for my wallet. lol

    And I love both your evil eyes! Have they been posted in the evil eye thread?
  8. Thank you! I love my ring too:smile: it is a family heirloom my husband's great great grandmother's I don't know anything about the stats (color or clarity) I know it's an old miners cut which apparently they don't make anymore. I don't believe it is a fancy canary diamond though.
  9. I don't post very often but I love me a good stack of bracelets. This is what I have on today. Cartier. Tiffany and semi precious stone bracelets by EllieMae.

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  10. Love this stack!
  11. ^^Thanks!! I love mixing in different bracelets with my LOVE's
  12. Looks amazing!!
  13. Wow, I don't know which one draws my eye the most! All so pretty! Great stack.
  14. Here is my stack today, diamond RHR and pave band. I have to wear it on left hand as it is so hard to take pics with left hand :smile:

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