La Mer users.....

  1. I was thinking about using La Mer and I was wondering what you all thought about it. Is it worth the money? Is it worth trying? I was thinking of getting the starter kit.
  2. It's good. I had the large kit and like all the prducts and did use them. I especially like the LaMer liquid soap and toner. The cream is very heavy and I used it around my eyes more than all over my face. The cream is excellent for rashes. My daugher has very sensitive skin and sometimes gets a rash under her lip in the winter and her cheeks get very red. Nothing I have tried works for her. LaMer clears it up in 2-3 days. I have also used it on a burn on my hand from cooking and it helped. All in all I say the products are great but I also feel there are others out there that are just as good for a whole facial program. Kinerase has nice products. Oil of Olay regenerist (SP?) has a good line. DHC has nice stuff too. Right now I am using all the Jo Malone skin care products. They work really well for me. I love her eye creams, face creams and 2 serums. I also use the night cream and sunscreen. If you can get samples of her line from a store it is worth a try.
    It's hard to find what works. I have switched around a few times and am always willing to try new things which is how I found the Jo Malone stuff. I think I will stick to that now.
  3. I don't use La Mer for face, only for body. The La Mer cream is very rich, my oily skin can't take it. I have a scar down my leg, and I've been using La Mer Concentrate + a cream from my derm. The scar is fading, although very slowly, but I'm pleased so far coz there is some result.
  4. la mer is good, esp if you have dry skin in the winter.
  5. I've used it in the past and it didn't do much for me. The SA at NM even told me I was too young for it when I was ready and willing to buy a jar. That said, I recently noticed that my mom's skin looked amazing, nice and fresh and glowy. She told me she bought a new *really expensive* cream and then she told me what it was. I had to LOL!
  6. I love it and think it's worth the cost. i use the gel face moisturizer and my skin just eats it in. I also love the cleanser but my favorite is the body cream.
  7. If you do a search, I think you'll find some long threads about it and people's opinions and experiences.

    It depends on the individual. Personally the cream is too heavy for me.
  8. It depends on your skin type. Before shelling out the big bucks for the full size, get a sample size and try it. IMO it's too greasy for my sensitive/combination skin. I also can't justify using it on my body because of the price. I mean....there are less expensive body creams out there that do a better job at moisturizing.
  9. I use the face cream all year long - but I have pretty dry skin. I have tried to replace it with other products (L'Occitaine, Yonka) (translation=less expensive), but my skin seems to feel the best after using La Mer.
  10. I like La Mer a lot! With most beauty lines some work with your face and are worth every penny and others aren't.. I'd maybe get some testers to try it out before you actually spend the money :smile:

    The lip balm is a dream and my fav :smile:
  11. Thanks for the responses. I want to start with a good regimen before I hit my 30's. I've also thought of Kinerase. I just need to be more consistent with wearing eye cream.
  12. It works wonders for me...but its only because I use proactive and need the moisture something awful...there are other versions of it that is less heavy...

    I think that its one of those creams thats been proven to be good, so many are addicted...been using it for over 4 years myself and love it sooo much!!!!

    But its a good idea to try it before you buy it, some can be allergic to it...
  13. I have combination skin and I love it. I tried a sample jar before I started using it to make sure it would work well with my skin and under my makeup. Some consider it expensive, but very little goes a long way. I buy the 1 oz jars and they last me at least 6 months or so.
  14. the new gel formula is amazing!!! the cream has always been too heavy for me, so I was using the lotion (one of the ones in the pump). now that the gel is out, i just slather it all over my face and it feels great.

    i use their new eye cream too. it is much better than the old one.

    then top it off with their tinted moisturizer which give me a little color. can't say enough about La Mer! Love it. My pores used to be very noticeable but not anymore. No breakouts either. (knock on wood).
  15. I have combination skin (definitely NOT dry) and I agree with everyone else--the face cream may not be the best option. However, I do use the La Mer Eye Balm around my eyes and it's fantastic!