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L.A.M.B Fall 2011

lambbaby Posted By lambbaby Posted Feb 2, 2011

  1. After looking through the bags on Nordstrom and Shopbop, I think I'm in love with the Saratoga Maier Tote now. It's just the perfect size for the shoulder and the leather is so beautiful and classy looking. And I really like the turn key lock for the front pocket too.

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  2. ^^^ thats very very pretty. gonna wait till they hit NR cant afford retail anything anymore. :pout:
  3. LAst call just got some new bags, not new LAMB, just new to LASt Call
  4. ideeli has the maier tote in neutral for $199 right now, if anyone is still looking.
  5. Thanks for pointing it out Morisa. Alas I got there late and it was all sold out. :shucks: Such a good price too. Ah well!
  6. saw it today on ideeli again, but now it's sold out. they still have it in Chartreuse, just not the natural color anymore. It's under the "super satchels" sale.
  7. bloomies also has the maier tote in black for $214.