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Kristen Stewart Style Thread

Megs Posted By Megs Posted Aug 1, 2010

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    Here is a thread for all things related to Kristen Stewart Style as we watch her evolve on the red carpet and her casual personal style!

    In Dolce and Gabbana at Movie Awards (more pics here)

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  3. One of my least favorite looks of hers, in Chanel at the 2010 Costume Institute Gala (more images here)

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  4. Here she is in white (which was a surprise) Elie Saab couture!

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  7. Oh I meant to delete that one because it wasn't really about her style (rather not really liking her, so that can go in celeb gossip)) so I started a new one on her style! :yes:
  8. I love that second picture of her!!! Make up, hair everything ;)
  9. love twilight and rob pattinson/ kristen stewart...
    so, thanks for this thread...
    i esp love that balmain safety pin dress!!!