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Kris Jenner Style Thread

trendhaven Posted By trendhaven Posted Oct 10, 2011

  1. Her handbag collection is awesome, I will say that. I wonder if she buys them or gets them gratis ?

    I hate that wealthy celebs get so much free stuff !! LOL. I know .. free publicity but still..
  2. Hello everyone! If you are a Kris Jenner fan or you like the way she is put together please join, comment and upload pics of your favorite looks of her in this thread.

    Thank you!:biggrin:
  3. [​IMG]

    Kris Jenner in Vegas, NYE 2012-2013


    Love this entire black and red look on her. She is known to favor black and red, not more than black and white though (as you all probably know if you've seen her house and Kim's wedding.) :smile:


    Alaia Ensemble


    Familiar much?
  4. love Kris' style!
  5. Some of my favourite looks.

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  6. I absolutely love her Bicolor Givenchy Antigona and her red croc Birkin! She's rocking some serious arm candy.
  7. Her red croc Birkin is lovely :cool::cool::cool::cool:

    More pics of Kris

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  8. i hope i dress as kool as kris when i'm that age.
  9. My thoughts precisely!
  10. I swear, in the last year 18 months, I'm feeling Kris' style much more than the others. Great idea to start this thread
  11. And i love that she's always smiling - probably thinking of all the money she is making and deals she is cutting. I'd be in a continuous good mood too!
  12. Good point! She's always so happy! I love that about her.