Knightley was a bit skeptical........

  1. She admitted that she was a bit skeptical at first about appearing in a movie that shared a name with a Disney ride. 'I was like, 'Wait a minute, you're doing a pirate movie, something that hasn't worked in about 50 years, and it's based on an amusement park ride?!' She said to New York Daily News. She says it wasn't until she was at the premiere of the first 'Pirates' movie with co-star Orlando Bloom that she knew the premise would work.
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  2. She's so cute... and sooo lucky to get to work with Johnny and Orlando!!! :love:
  3. I'd be skeptical too till Mickey waved a couple o mill under my nose...
  4. LOL
    and that solve everything didn't it :yes:
  5. ha ha ha... don't like her. she seems to put her moutgh in every pics...
  6. I don't understand the hype about her.
  7. IMO, she was incredible in "Pride & Prejudice".... her acting was so honest & impeccably believable.
  8. I really like her, she always looks gorgeous.
  9. She's talented compared to a lot of other actresses and pretty enough. I like the fact that she's willing to try multiple types of roles.

  10. I meant looks wise. I hve no problem with her as an actress. :smile:
  11. agreed! :yes:

    I think she's really pretty and is good at playing a huge variety of roles :smile:
  12. She is young and attractive...she can act too!
  13. The pics posted here aren't her best ones. But, clearly, still IMO, she is quite stunning.
  14. she's so pretty but that nose!!!! that nose has got to go under the knife!! :yucky: i have a really hard time looking past her nose. it reminds me of beast from beauty and the beast. it's so pudgy and narrow at the same time. just awful. lol.