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coleigh Posted By coleigh Posted Apr 22, 2009

  1. irishlass where is yours?
  2. pyrexia, get one RS now!!!! it will match perferctly with your new etoupe birkin....:biggrin:
  3. Here's my very first H wallet...Chevre Mysore Turquoise w/PH:yahoo:

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  4. ^^^^This is a beautiful color. Please add modeling photos. ;)I could see myself with one of these and jeans. Thanks for sharing.

    This morning I went out for a little shopping. Here are some modeling pics for reference. Thanks for allowing me to share.

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  5. 3rd post :biggrin:
  6. Irishlass - I love your etoupe! It's on my list now. Uh oh. It's getting longer and longer. I hope my ban will be lifted soon.
  7. Thought I'd add another action shot of KL.

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  8. Coleigh, pretty dress! Your kelly wallet is sooo nice!
  9. Thank you, anin8888. We need more action shots of this great accessory in use. Come on!
  10. :drool: o noooooo.... i thought i have finally settled on a rose shocking chevre mysore wallet..... now this totally makes me want a turquoise!!!!
  11. Chesia, I looooove your rose shocking one - yummy!

    Here's mine - epsom in Rouge Garance... I've posted these pics before...

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  12. Great thread Coleigh, very pretty Kelly wallet :smile:.
  13. You are a sweetie, Penny. :hugs:
  14. Penny, congratulations on your new arrival. I miss having a furry child in the house. My DC dropped my Yorkie (18 months) on the kitchen floor and he died. I still have not recovered. Maybe one day I'll have another.
  15. That's a clever idea, and a great reason to get one! :graucho: