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Kate Middletons wedges

Posted By Handbag_Whore Posted Apr 30, 2011

  1. Not sure but just saw some Lanvin wedges at Nordstrom that look nearly identical to these.
  2. they're cute! how much are they?
  3. Wow - 35 pounds really beats the Lanvin price!
  4. I was wondering this too! love it!!!
  5. wow I really like these wedges what store can I get them from?
  6. They don't have them on the lk Bennett website anymore- I would also
    Like to know if they are available in the uk?
  7. They originally retailed for 129 GBP. From what I remember, they were part of the resort collection and I haven't seen them in stores recently, so they may not be in stock anymore. eBay is a good bet and the LK Bennett outlet may stock them in the near future.
  8. ^^ thankyou- will keep my eyes peeled
  9. the maddox shoes are up on the lk bennet website
  10. ^^Thanks for the update! I was waiting on these shoes.

    Does anyone know how their sizing runs?