Just In Time For Christmas

  1. I was planning on writing about this on my blog so I'll post this hear first because it's pretty funny.

    Ladies, Mothers, STOP all your shopping. Just in time for Christmas comes the one gift your child will not stop asking about!


    Amazon.com: A Dipset Christmas: Music: Jim Jones

    Yes that's right, Jim Jones, from the notorious rap clique Dipset has come out with a Christmas album. Let your kids enjoy songs like, 'Ballin on Xmas' and 'We Get Money'. Also don't forget the alltime favorite Christmas collaboration, 'We Fly High' featuring such artists as P Diddy, TI, and the Dipset crew. In stores now!


    Whoever bought that piece of garbage must have bumped their head. That is NOT a christmas album. Say what you want, just don't say anything about TI or I'll have to come after you. I have my boundaries.