Just Checking In

  1. I haven't been around for awhile because I have been so busy with opening the store!!! The biggest wrinkle in my crumpet at this time is the construction in the store is not finished, and the mall manager caught an attitude with me. I see at least three new booths in the mall so people are gearing up for the holidays, and I feel like I'm in a rock and a hard place.

    Apart from that, I had an entire accessories section last night with both men and women-about 15 models!!!I got to walk out as the accessories designer, so that was so cool.

    Other than that, I'm liquidating my online store stock next wed, and I hope I sell out. If my bags were cats, people would be calling animal control on me:sos:. Thats the price you pay for wanting variety.

    I was so excited to see my ad, but they put it at the end of the sports section!!!

    Of course, a man did, but it should be fixed in the future.Anyway, here's a copy of the ad I designed. It's not that big, but it'll be a campus sale and I'll hand out fliers right before the trunk show.

    How's the rest of tpf doing?