Jumbo v Medium Classic Flap

  1. I just bought the jumbo and I am 5'3". With the strap doubled, the opening is comfortably at my fingertips. Worn cross body messenger, it's just below my hip; still relatively easy to open. I like a very roomy bag and this is smaller than a lot of mine, especially the Nancy Gonzalez tote (which is huge) that I've been carrying since Christmas. But it fits a lot, despite that, probably more than ample for most women.

    Hope that helps!
  2. If the only concern that you have is the chain, there are some threads from probably last week or the week before on how some of tPFers tied the chain with a ribbon under the flap to shorten the chain... That might solve your dilemma...
  3. jumbo flap is very nice & practical to use.
  4. Love the jumbo size :yes:
  5. jumbo is definitely the more practical size, but i have a problem with the long chain length on the jumbo b/c i'm 5'3. howevever, depending on which jumbo you are getting, this may not be a problem. The "hybrid" bag in jumbo size has a shorter chain length than the classic jumbo and fits me just fine. HTH
  6. The jumbo IS more practical for sure but you have to try them both on and see what works best. For me the jumbo looks too big in my opinion and I'm 5'6. The medium looks perfect, though I wish it held more. So I use totes if I need to carry more than usual. good luck!
  7. I'm 5' and although the jumbo is more preferred by a lot of TPFers, I tried it and it's definitely too large for me. As the flap is a more classic design, I look a bit weird carrying it, especially messenger style.

    I would suggest u trying it out first before deciding on it.
  8. The best thing is to go to the store and try them both.I bought my first chanel over the weekend and before i even went to the store i was sure i was going to get the jumbo flap, but i tried it on and it didn't look good on me, so i got the medium even though it doesn't fit much.
  9. I was at NM today looking at bags and I tried the jumbo flap and the medium. I am 5'3" and I just had a baby, so 10P I am not (lol). The medium was too small to hold what I need a purse to hold and the strap was not as shoulder friendly when I doubled the chain. The jumbo flap was great and did not seem too big for me. I was a 10p in the not too distant past and the jumbo would have been fine at that point also.
  10. I am a very petite 4 11" and size 0 and I have a jumbo classic and LOVE the size. I don't think it looks to big at all. THE TRICK: you have to drastically shorten the chain by knotting the chain inside. Making the chain much shorter changes how the bag looks on a shorter gal completly! the actual bag itself is not THAT large compared with a lot of other Chanel styles, espcially totes. IMO the med is a better evening bag when you dont have much to carry, its just not a practcal everyday bag for most people...
  11. petite 4 11" me with my jumbo!:smile:
  12. jumbo is such a great size. I'm 5'3" and bought a jumbo, I don't think it's too long for me.
  13. Thanks ladies - I went to NM today and tried on both - definitely the Jumbo will work best for me (I'm used to carrying a Speedy 30). Thursday is EGC so I'll be at Saks when they open! My other bag is great for evening and this will work for day. thanks again - you're fabulous!