Joel Kinnaman

  1. Beige was before me, so did Alex just keep dragging the bad relationship on and on, too?
    I was wondering if Joel would just see the Letterman interview as humorous, if he wasn't in Sweden by then and saw it. Like, he knows she's a ***** like that and probably either gives it right back to her or is enjoying a rent-free, "with benefits" type of situation in LA until Robocop starts and he's set up in NYC. ;)
  2. Beige was calling the paps too. She went on (group) dates with Alex such as the Arclight Cinema, smugged into the camera when the paps showed up and was happy to get her picture taken because her CrapMint was on display too. I think next will be how they both come out of Gelson's or Whole Food grocery shopping for the weekend or something because that was Beige's next step. At that point she had a surprised look on her face where the paps "suddenly" come from but had always good shots for her CrapMint which she of course used on her website. Alex was looking angrily in the camera and walked three steps ahead of her not acknowledging her which is the difference in this relationship. Joel is actually exchanging PDA with her and has not 4 Swedes with him when he goes on dates with her.
    So yeah it's Beige all over again just with dark hair.
  3. I'm tired of HER appearance on this thread. Can we just cut her with all those pictures with Joel? and call her Ole or something else? :graucho:
  4. I'm tired of her too but certain people obviously want to talk about her. Not only since today. But we have indeed to come up with a nice nickname for her which describes her perfectly like Beige's. Dumb and cheap aren't nicknames though. :biggrin:
  5. Baldrick is a great name for her .


  6. Thank you! I'm all about not having pics or videos of her staring back at me. If you like her, refer us to her own thread, if you have something to post. There has to be a way to block her out of pics or put a yellow, round, sad face over her own. We can be creative if we have the capabilities to do so.


    I like it too Zola! Any other ideas?
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    For you :kiss: I thought you had mis-typed 'weird' :giggles: yeah, your suggestion works too ;)

    munn-82312-%20%284%29.jpg munn-82312-%20%286%29.jpg

    munn-82312-%20%288%29.jpg munn-82312-%20%283%29.jpg
  8. :lol: Yes, my old school hip hop past creeping in with "wurd." Can't let it go. In fact, I like that Joel is into hip hop, too. Like I need another reason to be interested. :p
    :ty: I LLLOOOOVVVEEE your version of these pics. I think that BB13 agrees that we all should do this from now on! It's elevates the photos without the "unnecessary" distraction of Baldrick. :rolleyes: So are we going to use this name in reference to her as BlueBerry suggested? :ps: ???
  9. I would've edited the other pics before but I don't know how to do it so someone else has to do that.

  10. Phew, I'm so pleased you like the 'edited' pix - I wasn't sure if you'd be like, 'wtf Zola, don't you think we've done that on our pc's already!' Bagberry, if you'd like I'll send you a pm explaining how I did it, like everything else it's so easy once you know how, and it sure beats moving a piece of cardboard around the screen to block out the offending object ;) (I use WindowsXP, yeah I know :sad: and edit on my pc as I've only just started using Photobucket) And dvdgal, you and Joel may have hip hop in common but I also use an e-cig too, the only problem is they never go out :giggles: They're a bit like Joel in that way, 'can last all night, and well into the next day' :faint:

    Have a great weekend both of you :drinkup:
  11. I'd love to have a PM on that but you have to explain it for MacBook. I stay far away from Windows if I don't have to use it (meaning at work).
    Btw, just came back from watching Ted. I really recommend it. It's funny as hell and I loved all the pop culture references and that they made fun of Taylor Lautner. Even Ryan Reynolds is in it as the gay boyfriend. I knew I'll get something good if Seth McFarlane is involved.

  12. It's probably not a good idea to send a msg when I've had a few too many :drinkup: but wtf, I really don't feel tired, just as well it's August Bank holiday here :smile: Should've known, as I guess it's going to continue to:storm:it down all weekend.

    Anyway, unfortunately, what I know about MacBook's is dangerous, ie zilch, but I started playing around on Photobucket the other day, as it beats working out my bank account, and once I get it sussed will send you a pm but in the meantime, when I visit this thread for my 'Joel fix', if I see any pix that include Baldrick I'll chop her off and re-post them on here, until I get asked to stop. As if ;) Actually, I quite enjoyed getting rid of Baldrick's smug face, and agree that the Arclight pix look so much better :smile: So if you have any special requests ;):giggles:

    Yeah, 'Ted', someone else told me it was really good too. It wasn't a film I was thinking of at all but I might have to change my mind now.