Joel Kinnaman

  1. Ok, that interview was just strange. Joel has said all those things about LA and Sweden. As do the Swedish Mafia. I mean if she just made one joke then fine but it just went on and on.

    And no, nobody needs you to give a quote,about Joel as he's making the press rounds.

    Interesting that he always loses phones and doesn't like to be alone.

    He sometimes comes across as a bit of a jerk lol.
  2. Someone on Twitter posted yesterday that Joel left Sweden a couple of days ago. So he's no longer doing press for SCII. It seems to me that their relationship is hitting a snag. I wouldn't be surprised if they broke up in the next couple of months.
  3. Oh no, Ejm! Really? Did you have to post this? Now she made it onto the thread all on her own, with her own video. You know that she said that all probably to just get attention from the right people meaning Joel's fans? She knows his fans would get riled up about this and talk about her which is her goal. She got more exposure now.
    On another note, she really has a bad sense of humor. The stuff I saw about her is just bad. Whenever she's trying to tell a funny story it's always on the expense of someone else which are either her mother, her niece, her ex-boyfriend, Sweden etc. She's not funny at all.
  4. Article about Joel's and Alex's endeavors into the fashion industry.
  5. Thanks BB! Can you just imagine that you're this close to him, talking to him in a beer garden with a drink in your hand ? He's talking intently, really into you and you see his lips moving but don't follow a word til you hear "nature catastrophes" at the end of his conversation and say, "I totally feel the same way!" :giggles:

    I liked those interviews cause it gave great insight and made him endearing, like the Jimmy Kimmel show. Just very honest and real. And many actor types are kind of drifting till they find their calling and commit to work in the industry . Most never cared about school, are absent-minded and had a million jobs. I like that he would work, work, work and then travel on his own dime. Not relying on family. Wish I would have done that, thought about it. His travels will inform his acting.

    Yeah, I'm with BB on this one. I'm just learning this now since it's my first famewhore experience. I got all POed cause she sounded like an ignorant American but never wanted to post any OM only related video/audio. If people wanted to see it, they could do it on their own or just ignore. I hope we don't see more OM only videos again. It just feeds her obsession with publicity. It's bad enough that we have to see her image on this thread right now as we scroll down. Ugh!
  6. Well, let's say my fantasies about him didn't include a beer garden (since I'm not living in Bavaria) but I definitely imagined him close to my face IYKWIM. His voice alone makes my panties drop. So he could read the phone book to me and I'd say "I'm totally feeling the same way!" And he's looking so delicious lately with his hair and tan. He's really an eyecandy.
  7. I mean, I'm not going to apologize for posting the video. The topic came up and I posted it for people who wanted to see what was going on. Simple as that :shrugs: He's dating her (or was.) She's going to pop up from time to time :smile: I personally, no longer care. Joel is cool, but I'm not that invested in him and Munn.
  8. Yeah but if people wanted to see it they could've used Google or YouTube. It's not like we're obliged to put her up here. Fortunately we're not a OM thread so we don't have to offer up such infos. Oh well, it's done anyway. Can't be undone. :shrugs:
  9. Wow. Ooookay then, well, let me humbly apologize to the select few who I greatly offended by posting the video of the wretched OM :p
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    Another Swedish radio interview. He obviously likes Kraftwerk which is a bit surprising to all the hip hop and dancehall.
    Would be cool if our Swedish speakers could translate this or sum up important points of the interview because I think it's a bit more interesting than the other one.

    View attachment 1844185

    And here's Joel with the (relatively new) Audi S4 Avant before the Snabba Cash 2 premiere.

    View attachment 1844186

    And an old interview from the Lola Versus set.

  15. Why does he keep wearing that stupid beanie?!