Joel Kinnaman

  1. Good for him. The cast is impressive.
  2. Ok, did our lovebirds break up? OM is on David Letterman and just trashed the heck out of Sweden. Ouch. Did someone spit in her lingonberries?

    Also, might have missed but is there a North America release date for SCII?

    And thanks for all the pics!
  3. There is no North American release date set for SCII yet.
  4. I don't know. But when he did the interview for the Swedish Elle she called him during the interview and he was all "Baby" and "I'm happy to hear you" and stuff. Now the question is when he did this interview and why she had to call during it because I'm sure he told her he's doing promo all day long?

    There's no release date for North America. I guess they're waiting for the success of Snabba Cash I, the book and the later DVD sales, and also how Snabba Cash II is doing in Europe. If it will win any awards like Guldbagge.
  5. She dissed his country, family and friends. It won't get any attention here but I'm sure in Sweden it will.
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  7. He also said in another interview he sold his apartment in Stockholm but is looking for a new one.

    Five years ago, played to the king of gloom as Raskolnikov in Crime and Punishment in Backa Theatre. Now that the international breakthrough has become a fact forges Fast Cash 2-aktuelle Joel Kinnaman plans to build his own movie empire.

    He smokes his battery-powered electronic cigarette. Water vapor escapes into the air, nicotine takes the other way, into Joel Kinna's lungs.
    It is a busy and very physically fit man who sits and sucks on his cigarette at a hotel a stone's throw from Stureplan in his hometown of Stockholm. If Hammarby Comforter Kinnaman had hoped for a few days off ports those hopes dashed. And after waiting Stockholm, London, New York, Stockholm again and Los Angeles.

    Longing for fixed point

    With its basiga, crabbed little voice and his very Stockholmian dialect he notes that he longs for a certain fixed point and more time with the important people. Sometimes. But the restlessness would come quickly if he really was in the same place all the time. The rootless life is the result of Joel Kinna's acting career has taken off significantly with the role of police Stephen Holder in the TV series The Killing , and with films like Fast Cash, Safe house , and the remake of RoboCop which kicks off on September 10.

    So instead of peace and quiet, he cool experiences and the opportunity to work with people he respects and find interesting.

    - I feel respect from people like myself look up to. And of course, I have other economic opportunities. It is also awesome and nothing I had expected, said Joel Kinnaman who was not very good in school and had no great talents or dreams.

    A bit pessimistic

    He describes it as he was a bit pessimistic for their own future. Maybe he could be half sh*tty copywriter at a third-class advertising agency in Sweden. The only thing he was good at was relationships, social life, and he had a large circle of friends. Experience was what he was going to be rich.

    Relatively unconcerned wandering teenager Joel Kinnaman ahead in life despite poor attendance meant that he did not receive any high school grades. Money, he brought always in through short positions in bar jobs.

    After high school, he decided to travel for seven years, and then, when he turned 26, simply take a decision on the future. To get closer to the trip he took to Oslo and worked at the factory and lied to a bartender in the French Alps, a job he was utterly unqualified for.

    - I masked myself by being incredibly rude to all guests. Then it seems that you know what you're doing. I thought. Every time someone ordered a drink I could not do I said: It does not exist anymore. I was schooled in Stockholm restaurant world, there you should be rude. In the end, I was startled because I was not feeling so good about that.

    Seven-year journey

    After three or four months, Joel Kinnaman collected enough money to begin a seven year journey out into the world.

    Joel Kinnaman has dual citizenship. His American father deserted the Vietnam War, lived on the run in Laos and northern Thailand for five years and ended up in Sweden. So that part of the world is important to the family mythology as Joel Kinnaman puts it.

    He went to an ordinary municipal nursery that had an English-speaking department and later in elementary school, he went into a home language class, which resulted in the overnight party in one million program suburb of Tensta, as well as in the affluent Djursholm. English was free which makes it a lot easier when he makes Hollywood career.

    His sister became a child star

    While growing up acting was there as a kind of familiar. His half sister Melinda Kinnaman who became a child star in My Life as a Dog 1985 showed up in the world when Joel Kinnaman was ten years old, he got a role in the SVT focus Metropolitan of Ingmar Bergman's son Daniel who was with Melinda.

    The seven rib was only one and a half and when Joel Kinnaman stopped over in Stockholm to save up for a new journey, to South America, he became interested when one of his best friends, Gustaf Skarsgård, passionately talked about acting and Stage School, where he went then. So Joel searched where he wanted to go and prepared a lot, including a monologue from Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night . Emotions welled up and he really felt at home in Edmunds showdown with his father. Joel Kinnaman read to Gustaf Skarsgård and shook and sweated and lived himself into the role so much that it just became aggressive grunts. He said not a single intelligible word. In Joel's own head it was all clear, but only there.

    Missed Stage School

    But there were moments when it felt right, when everything was one big calm. In the Stage School, he didn't get in on the first two attempts. Instead, he went a year at a small theater school, worked as a bartender and got a couple of film roles, including eight replicas in the thriller The Invisible. Eventually, he came into the Theatre Academy in Malmö.

    - Then I thought: If I do not belong to the top ten percent of my generation within five years after I graduated, then I'll find something else to do. But what the hell, I could not otherwise. But then it felt right to have a goal. It's a scary and uncertain profession.

    He puffs on his electric cigarette and celebrates education but sighs that many of the school went into a role. It could be in a certain way.

    - My parents were communists when I grew up but I was still annoyed that all would be left. It was and is unpleasant for everyone to think the same thing.

    ... to be continued.
  8. Part 2.

    Sets Ultimatum

    He is a little drastic, Joel Kinnaman. Like when he once again threatens himself and sets an ultimatum. Now it's about the theater he did not spend any time in recent years.

    - If I do not come back to the theater in a few years, it is purely negative for my development.

    When he talks about the acting profession, he is far from the drama The Myth of severe anxiety. Romanticism about the suffering artist makes him feel sick. That attitude put him to the test when he was cast as Raskolnikov in Crime and Punishment in Backa Theatre 2007th

    - Yes, it was an open goal. It was made to walk around by yourself at night in the streets of Gothenburg. Being depressed and not talking to anyone, sit at home and drink wine and go into some kind of semi-psychosis. I decided instead that I would feel so damn good during the rehearsal process. Otherwise, it can be like an acting competition in feel worst.


    Joel Kinnaman has lost four phones this year alone. Distracted is the word he uses. But now, with the money that success gives him, he can afford to replace the things he misplace.
    The U.S. becomes more and more a home for him, which he did not believe during the Bush administration days, when he could not imagine spending much time there. Soon he goes into the Brazilian director José Padilhas RoboCop-world.

    - It will be good. He is perfect for the film. He's tough. The film has type $ 160 million in the budget and many are very nervous when their careers are at stake. If such a film flops it gets top company boss rush, so it's just. Then you have to have a director who has big enough balls to keep his vision and make the right trade-offs.

    Manage position

    He is well aware that he has an important year ahead of him to manage his position in the acting world. It is now he has the opportunity to do the lead role in the budget-quality films, it's the roles he is looking for and it is in anticipation of the great movie that will have its premiere as the smaller films can free ride on all the attention that some actors give.

    - Sure, I think strategically. I'm building a career course. The goal is to get greater and greater choice and hence power. With this power you can start your own projects and ultimately produce your own films where you can choose which ones are included. And what stories they want to tell. This will not be in Sweden, says Joel Kinnaman and continues:

    - It's amazing the film that does not need to be profitable, as it may be in Sweden, and that makes our cultural life rich. But to get there you have to have a different type of skill, one that I have not. I want to work with my extended family of friends and colleagues whom I respect.

    Stockholm is home

    In spite of a Hollywood career Stockholm is home of Joel Kinnaman, he is now going to buy a new apartment in the capital. There are also plans to have a base in New York while he spends a lot of time in Los Angeles.

    It's fine now for Joel Kinnaman, on several levels. During the summer, he has increasingly opened up and increasingly appeared with actress and model Olivia Munn.

    Yet, despite the film star status, he does not see his career as a revenge because he was not a particularly successful pupil.

    - In high school, there were probably a few teachers that would have been only a little upset if I had died. It was really bad and if you saw the weaknesses of any teacher there and where to cut. But otherwise, I was not a bad student, I missed the most discipline to take me to school. The discipline has come in old age.


    What makes you laugh?
    - My friends.

    What are you most proud of?
    - My family.

    During the reading lamp?
    - I read about A Million Little Pieces by James Frey.

    Who would you like to be?
    - Steven Seagal.

    Who are you most inspired by?
    - Chuck Norris.

    What is the best advice you have received?
    - It's how you handle your adversity that defines you.

    New York or Los Angeles?
    - Both.

    - I'm not particularly vain!

    Large. Together with actress Olivia Munn.

    Going to buy a new apartment in Stockholm but also plans to have its future base in New York.


    Joel Kinnaman loves black music, especially hip hop. Which just made him an oddity at the Theatre Academy in Malmö. He listens a lot to Kendrick Lamar and one may assume that Joel did not miss Asap Rocky on Way out West last weekend.


    Television series The Killing, where he performed the role of Stephen Holder is cancelled after two seasons and 26 episodes. Maybe it opens for a comeback on the stage while Joel Kinnaman notes that "to be in a play does nothing for one's career."


    As a foreigner in show business in the U.S. has an advantage as Joel Kinnaman. Not least because they do not know much about the culture and the environment they come from. "You have to be a little hard, show this, I accept this and I do not accept."

    And this is another interview.
  9. Pics of Joel for DoJour, September Issue, much better than those for H&M.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and the article:

    Joel Kinnaman's Super Swede Life

    The handsome star of The Killing gets candid about staying humble in Hollywood
    By Blaine Zuckerman

    Joel Kinnaman was 10 years old the day he soured on fame. He was the goalkeeper on his youth soccer team in Sweden and had just allowed the opposing team to score. “I was so pissed at myself,” he recalls. The whole stadium started chanting a name, but it was not his—not exactly. It was his television alter ego’s. Kinnaman spent the previous year acting on a Swedish soap, and in a country with only two television channels, he’d become something of a star. “I was so embarrassed,” he says. “And I felt, This is wrong.”

    After that, Kinnaman took a long break from acting. He spent his twenties working jobs in construction, insurance, a bar in the French Alps and a factory in Norway. He’d work double night shifts for months in order to take off and travel for four or five months at a time—alone. As one of six children—and the only boy—Kinnaman says he’d always had trouble being by himself and saw that “as a weakness” (though he admits he’d occasionally give in and “find a girl” to travel with). “For a long time, I had a life aside from acting,” he says. “I lived my life. I had my heart broken and loved again before any of this happened.” (His new love is actress Olivia Munn, by the way.)

    But traveling the world is a younger man’s sport, and in 2005 Kinnaman returned to Sweden to study acting at the Swedish Academic School of Drama. Following a number of high-profile roles back home, Kinnaman, now 32, has become a fan favorite in the States for his portrayal of badass cop Stephen Holder on AMC’s The Killing, and for small but memorable parts in thrillers The Darkest Hour and Safe House.

    Next he re-creates an iconic ’80s cyborg in the highly anticipated remake of RoboCop, alongside Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson. To keep himself grounded, so to speak, with the Hollywood of it all, he’s taken up the local pastime: surfing. “When I catch that wave, I feel like, I’m doing it!” he says. “Nothing is more powerful than the ocean.” Not even fame.

  10. ^^Well, those are some delicious shots. Saved the first pic on my phone.
    So we learn Joel looks good from more than one angle.
  11. He's talking about climate and how the changes have caused lots of nature catastrophes like drought etc. He encourages to do the change together if it feels too much as an individual. I think it's a cause his sister is supporting.

  12. So I dained to watch her appearance so I could comment. It totally sounded like all of her comments about Sweden and "actors who come to LA" was totally geared towards Joel. She almost cut Letterman off in the beginning to comment about her Sweden experience. She's a sarcastic ***** and low class, like we've stated before, to even disrespect Joel when she got to meet his friends and family this summer, in good faith that she could be discreet about the trip. Anybody else would be honored to kick it with him. And LA does suck for anyone who's not a famewhore like you, Liv. It's not out of town actors posing.

    It's like the supposed Chris P. leaked texts. She couldn't respect the time they were together and be private about their previous relationship by deleting those texts right away. She wanted to be a ***** and have them found. If they haven't broke up Joel!

    I thought about how all of Sweden should blast her on social media with negative comments but Number 1: Swedes have class and better things to do with their time and Number 2: No one care about what she thinks. I looked up a website for her for comments from her fans re: Letterman but....:lolots: no one has posted a comment since February and that's how many months ago? :p But yet, I just posted about him, seconds ago. Who said she was a bigger star than him with LT appeal? That's laughable.

    I did like that he said she had to get off the phone with him cause it's rude! You tell her and keep her in line, JK! She probably wants to call even though he's working, all the time cause she's incredibly insecure.

    An excerpt from an interview BagBerry posted from Finest mag where he talks about paps. You know they've disagreed about this topic but I hope it gives him pause about her.

    United States also differ in terms of publicity that you get as an actor. Joel continues;

    "Of course I miss some things when I become better known. It's not always fun when you just want to be left alone, haha. It's usually nice when people come up and say nice things, but sometimes it becomes too much. I drag myself to pull out on the town itself these days, I always want people with me and sometimes you have to opt out of places to go to. I am still freer in the U.S. than in Sweden, where it is much less attention than here at home. Papparazzibiten in Hollywood, however, is not so fun, and if you're dating someone who is in the same industry as you become extra attention for it. For if there is no project that is about me, so it will be very rare that I get lot of photographers following me. But if you are with someone, it becomes much more of it, says Joel."
  13. I forgot to mention that the last question in this video interview is how it is to date a person who's more famous than him. And he responded he doesn't want to talk about this. Burn!
  14. It sucks for him to even have to field a question like this now and especially at home, but it will be a distance memory when he's blown up big and doesn't answer her texts anymore. It's moments like this that no wonder many industry people hate talking to the press.