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  1. Hi Everyone! I'm one of Joel's newest fans. I work with the Seattle International Film Festival and discovered him after watching Lola Versus. All that everyone at the Q and A could do was ask writers Zoe and Daryl about Joel (new to some not familiar with Swedish cinema). Seattle has a big Swedish community so he created interest. It's fun to watch certain talented actors etc. coming out of the film festivals blow up large. I see it every year but he is definitely special. Has a huge career ahead of him here! And he's beautiful, as a bonus.

    I've been enjoying all the posts from you all so I can get up to speed with his career and interesting after hours life.

    I agree with bagberry 13 about his gf (was surprised about this chioce)...and she is a minor actress here in states who is only known for being "hot" in American magazines. I have only seen her on talk shows and she comes across as dizzy when she tries to be funny. She was in the top 5 on a recent Maxim list so she is basically his "starlet gf for now" who he may have alot in common with but the pap stuff will get old, quick. He'll have fun with her and move on to an intelligent, talented and beautiful woman, probably in the biz because he loves his craft. Or bagberry13....

    I like that he is serious about his career but really laid back about relationships - open about possible marriage or just having a child with an extraordinary person he can't get over and stop thinking about. And of course he'll have fun until then (just no cheating please). Very boho.

    What do you all think?
  2. They only problem with that is there aren't alot great movies being made in Hollywood right now. They are in remake mode for some reason. That's mainly because that's what the studios want.
  3. Like I said, she's more famous here than he is at the moment but they will SOON change. He'll stay with her until he finds someone better.
  4. Here's a pic of Joel at the PETA event. And look who was there too ... Björne.

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  5. I could not agree more. TV is where the quality is now. Movies make money, they make careers, but they don't represent great work.

    I cringe at the whole 'wow you're great on TV/ foreign/ indie movies, now lets turn you into a STARRR!!!' mentality. Who has that worked for?!! It is so backwards and results in us basically waving bye bye to seeing people we like in great stuff. Alex S, he was in GK, True Blood, both A+. Movies? Straw Dogs and BATTLESHIP for the love of god. I'm sooo glad that TB is still on. And poor Taylor Kitsch, that kind of lets make you a star bulls*****t is killing him right now. They basically wrote his fate out for him. He will never ever be in anything as good as his *launching pad* was, ever again. How is that the measure of success? It's just SAD.
  6. I'm not saying that TV is bad but it's not like I'm dying to see the next The Killing episode. The tension is gone. I'm just waiting now to know who's the killer. I stopped watching at the fifth episode of season 2. Someday I might watch the rest of the episodes all in one. But now I'm a bit distracted. :p I wouldn't mind Joel doing another TV show, something totally different. I just mean that with movies he has more chances to do different stuff in a short amount of time whereas with TV shows he has to wait until they're over. Sure what crap Hollywood is putting out there right now is ridiculous but there's still proof that every now and then little gems are amongst them and Joel has a talent to find these and choose those roles. All it takes is a creative director and an amazing script. Maybe Hollywood should stop doing all these remakes, book/game adaptions or franchises and instead become innovative and creative again. Going to the movies right now is very boring with some exceptions.
  7. You do know that if Robocop doesn't do well it might kill his career. American's are fickle when it comes to remakes of classic movies. There's already *****ing and complaining that the director is saying that he's going to make him more human and there are going to be some changes to his suit.

    I remember when Cowboys and Aliens came out last year. There was this buildup and the reviews came out and it totally flopped.
  8. Yeah but I don't really care for RoboCop because it's another remake. It might kill his career in the US but he still got a career in Europe he can go back to. He can do theatre and more movies in Sweden and the rest of Europe. Hollywood is not everything and Joel is not in Hollywood for the fame but for the variety of acting choices. It also doesn't mean he'll never work in Hollywood again. A lot of actors came back after few years. One failed movie is not the death of him. It's just movies, he's not curing cancer here.
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    Obviously Europe wasn't enough for him or he would have stayed there now wouldn't he? If you want to do meaningful work here you have to do indie movies or go to stage work. There is Weinstein Co. movies. They really don't care about making money as long as they get their Oscars. The downside to that is they have almost gone bankrupt twice in the last four years.
  10. ^^Whatever. What do we know what Joel wants? Don't talk the movie down until it's out. I just wanted to say that he won't be as lost and heart crushed as someone else if this whole HW career thing fails.
  11. Well, I wouldn't put that on all Americans, definitely. I think the lion's share of many Americans' problem with remakes is not 'oh no, you're not trying to.. make it more character driven!?! And BETTER?!" it is more, 'oh god, can we just try brand new stories instead of recycling things that rely on novelty and reference to attract viewers'. And that is less a sign of American stupidity and more of a representation that what the studios THINK people want isn't necessarily the reality. People forget about bulls****T like the suit really quickly when they understand whether or not the movie as a whole is good or not. In reality, most recent remakes and reboots, at least at the movies have failed domestically. The big money people keep trying to tell use that we're idiots, and some people eventually concede and go along with it. It really is down to availability and exposure. If you put crap into the theaters, of course it is going to look like all people are watching is crap. And if you don't do enough to market and expose the smaller, GOOD things, yeah, it will seem like those gosh darn stupid Americans are just being stupid again and ignoring the good stuff!
  12. ^ITA with all of that.

    And personally...... I'd LOVE to see Joel on quality tv over this or that movies. Tv is where the greatest storytelling is, and it's consistent, and you'll consistently SEE him. You won't have to wait months, maybe even years, between movies that are only 2 hours. TV is just so, so much better for so many reasons.
  13. THANK YOU! Exactly my point.
    I'm just saying Rock of Ages or Battleship. Apparently there's lots of money to put out such crap but if there's somewhere a great script which is a bit more demanding the studios are like, "No, it's too risky. The audience won't get it." How the hell does a f*cking studio boss in his Ferrari know what I like or understand??? They obviously still think Tom Cruise is a box office draw. If anything it's more like a sign for me when Tom Cruise is in a movie I rather NOT watch it.
    So yeah if you put out a great movie you get my money. And btw, don't they do some studies, statistics or researches before they put lots of money in a movie? I mean to what kind of people did they talk who said, "Yeah Rock of Ages would be a great movie to make"? Sorry, can't handle the crap that's out there right now. That's one of the reasons why I mostly retreat to indies. You get at least a story with your popcorn.
  14. They rarely do those studies anymore. Do you think they did study to see if people wanted a stripper movie? Don't think so.