Joel Kinnaman

  1. I thought since Joel just accepted the part of RoboCop he deserves his own thread given he probably gets a lot of exposure now.

    So some basics on him about his biography as well as his filmography (latest hits Safe House, The Darkest Hour, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).
    Let's start with some pretty, his latest pics. Also adding that his BFF is Gustaf Skarsgård (yes brother of Alexander Skarsgård) so expect pics of him here too every now and then. Some people will repeat too and they're called fondly the "Swedish Mafia" by us.

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    I will also try to copy some old stuff (mostly pics) from the Hot Scandinavian Actors Thread over here.
  2. Great idea!


    Joel deserves his own thread!
  3. Congrats to Joel for getting the part!