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cancam Posted By cancam Posted Aug 12, 2007

  1. Everything is great! I would so love to see this ring. It's gorgeous.
  2. Thanks! Among all the pieces in my jewelry collection, the pearls get the most compliments!
  3. My other 2 cocktail rings....
    --Rubylite and peridot set in 14k yellow and white gold, with diamonds on each side

    --Chunky blue topaz set in 14k yellow and white gold with a pink sapphire and diamonds on each side

    More to come :graucho:

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  4. Next....:graucho:
    ---Hoop Diamond Earrings, set in 14k yellow gold, 38 diamonds (.12 carats each) Total 4 carats

    ---Diamond stud earrings, set in 14k white gold, 3/4 carats each Total 1.5 carats
    ---Diamond solitaire pendant, set in 18k white gold with 18k white gold chain, 1.2 carats

    ---Hook danglings, yellow and white gold with tiny diamonds, pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, and peridot

    My last pair of dangling Tahitian pearls coming soon...then my necklace....later

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  5. What a lovely stones, I luv all of them. Bravoo:drool::drool:
  6. I luv yr earing LVgal1972, all is gorgeous.:tup:
  7. Pazt, u have a gorgous diamond ring. Wonderfull!!!
  8. Yup, me too, I luv Patz rings collection. Fabulous!!:tup::graucho:
  9. I luv yr wristwatch Hermes diamond too with red croc leather.
  10. Wow.. all so unique, I love them. Never seen b4.
  11. Thanks!!! Love them too:heart::heart:
  12. thank you all! LVgal - you have a stunning collection!
  13. Thanks Pazt!!! But your rings are TDF!!!:drool::drool:
  14. Pazt, I asked Vlad if we could make this thread a permanent one and he asked me to link it to him and he will stick it. Im so clueless LOL How do you do it?
  15. ^ Only a mod can :yes:

    This is now a sticky!!

    You all have me drooling so bad!! :drool: