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Jessica Alba Style Thread

steph22 Posted By steph22 Posted Mar 12, 2012

  1. I love this woman's style. BTW Can anyone ID her watch please
  2. i reli hv no idea:thinkin:
    i hv seen some other photos of her from the same event, those pics look fine though

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  3. I think she is such a pretty girl, but she needs to hire a stylist.
  4. I don't know...why would she need to hire a stylist to go out with her family and run her new baby business? When she goes to events she looks fabulous - and, actually, I think she always looks great.

    I don't see the need for her to look all done up going out to the park with her children! And I really love her taste in accessories!
  5. I think she does have a stylist lol! Isn't it Brad Goreski? I do like her fun colorful outfits, but sometimes I feel it's a bit too much. I do agree with bisbee that she looks fab at events :tup:
  6. I do not think she needs to be dressed up to run errands, but her off duty style seems really odd. I mean why is she dressed like she shops at the kid's section? Floral tiered skirt? A ton of bright colors? And those red sunglasses look like 2 for $10 from the swap-meet.
  7. her pretty face saves every look:lol: