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Jennifer Lopez

Posted By PrincessMe Posted Jun 12, 2008

  1. Aww, look at the kiddies. They seem to be enjoying themselves.
  2. The twins are growing up so fast!
  3. Her boyfriend is very unattractive and I get the K Fed vibe from him...kind of like he's along for the ride and in it for the publicity. I used to like her a lot, but I feel like she's getting a little too high on her horse anymore. Idk, I could very well be misreading it.
  4. Jennifer Lopez relaxing poolside in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 6/26

    Love the bathing suit




  5. Why is she always keeping her bottom covered?
  6. I love the color of that swim suit. She looks fab..

    More pics...
    article-0-13CD4187000005DC-350_640x545.jpg article-0-13CD4193000005DC-988_638x725.jpg article-0-13CD41F7000005DC-496_308x655.jpg article-0-13CCFEF0000005DC-779_638x387.jpg
  7. Love her shades
  8. I cover my bottom, when I am walking through the hotel to get to the pool. I also cover up, when I am leaving the beach to walk to hotel or to get lunch. There is a time and place for booty IMO.
  9. Walking through a hotel is fine but even when the kids were building sand castles on the beach her butt was covered.
  10. She's such a chonga, with that bun and hoops. i love it.
  11. I think she's aware that paps lurk and she might not want to give them the backshot they so desperately want.
  12. Her shape is nice
  13. Her body is amazing! Love the curves.
  14. noone can rock an asymetrical top/dress like Jen. And her abs look great!
  15. Damn she's wearin that bikini