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iluvmybags Posted By iluvmybags Posted Jul 5, 2011

  1. Also Tom Ford.
  2. Ah. Thanks!
  3. Love Rachel! She is my favorite friend! hahahaha
  4. Does anyone know what kind of bag this is?
  5. I think a few pages back someone said it was Tom Ford?
  6. Yes, I just located one at NM yesterday. It is a Tom Ford flap over zipper bag. I am anxious to see it in real life!!!
  7. NM sent me the wrong size Flap over zipper bag. It was huge!!! So sad:sad:
  8. I do too so simple yet classy. NM sent wrong size bag like the one she is carrying but thanks to a Tpfer I located another one in the small size and it is being shipped out today:smile:
  9. Congrats! :smile:
  10. i love her smile
  11. Love this!
  12. Not feeling the hair and make up - from the neck up it looks a bit underdone.

    And I'm not a fan of "boob crease" dresses. I don't wanna see that much of you!