JADE: Stone of Heaven ~ Jade in Action *photos only*

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    Calling all jade lovers. While the tPF already has a couple of existing jade threads, this is a new one where jade lovers are encouraged to post pictures of how we wear our jade everyday: our "jade for the day" thread. It can feature a solitary jade bangle, or 2 or 3 (or more?) jade bangles stacked together, or perhaps a jade bangle or two layered with other types of bracelets. How about a jade pendant, a jade bead necklace, or some jade earrings?
    Don't be shy. We would love to see pictures of each other's jade. Be as simple or as creative as you like. The sky's the limit!

    Note: This thread is for photos ONLY, no chat!

    You may add description and information for the photo, i.e. Grade, texture, translucency, color, clarity, price + year, purchased from, certification, shape, measurements etc.

    Moderator note: this needs to stay no chatter in order to stay in Reference. :flowers:
  2. Certified Grade A Jadeite oval shape bangle, Ice kind, Yellow and Cyan-blue color
  3. Ice yellow blue floating flower bangle with pendant as a set
    wp_ss_20140705_0005.jpg wp_ss_20140705_0004.jpg
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    Today I'm wearing my Ice Emerald honey yellow pendant
  5. Jade bangle from 1960's or 1970's that broke and was repaired by hinging the 2 pieces in 14K gold.
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  6. Today's stack. Wider bangle from Desire Treasures (eBay). Narrower bangle from Ruby Lane.

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  7. Wearing a petite jadeite pi about 21.5mm.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Just arrived from HK : Jadeite red orange jadeite mystic knot pendant set in diamond pave bail .


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  9. White & honey jadeite heart from 1970's and a "fun" large opaque light green jade cab ring in 14K gold. The ring was an impulse eBay buy awhile back, so I don't know its history.
    1406138289514.jpg 1406138301479.jpg 1406138314216.jpg
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  10. My permanent jadeite bangle with Michael Kors bracelets to enjoy this beautiful sunny day
    wp_ss_20140723_0017.jpg wp_ss_20140723_0016.jpg
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    Seeing double - Yukon snow in round and Oval

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  12. Icy yellow pendant waiting to be set with diamonds.
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    Hi Ladies... I changed the title of the thread to reflect that it is an action thread. :flowers:

    Remember, no chat...You can enjoy Jade related chat about these pictures and more in the Jade thread in the regular subforum :tup:
  14. Jade pendant of the day was a dark green peach(?). Sorry I couldn't get a clear photo of sunshine behind it to show its translucent parts.
    1406256330856.jpg 1406256342037.jpg 1406256360669.jpg
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  15. This is horrible lighting but I love the rustic brick-red of these beads. The weight is very comforting.

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