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Junkenpo Posted By Junkenpo Posted Feb 17, 2014

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    GRADE B+C train our eyes

    @@ I can't tell it grade B+C, look very real @@

    that why always have certify paper!(while sometime certify paper also can be fake, sign!!!) always very careful and super careful buying jade :smile:

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  4. First picture Ice kind Yellow flat shape bangle May 2014 $9370USD
    Internal diameter 55.1mm Width 8.9mm Thick 5.7mm

    Second picture Ice kind Yellow and Blue oval shape bangle May 2014 $7300USD
    Internal diameter 61.2mm/54.3mm Width 11.8mm Thick 6.8mm

    Bottom picture Ice kind Yellow and Cyan-blue oval shape bangle April 2014 $7500USD
    Internal diameter 55mm/50.8mm Width 10.3mm Thick 5.8mm

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  6. GRADE A icy kind with floating flowers

    $13600 usd on year 2014 my dream bangle :smile:

    54mm *14MM*6mm

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  10. Bubble finale going to pop soon.

    Look like jadeite market is down, all bubble high price is dropping!

    Green bracelet full of ice nearly all coins off thousands of people, far more than "normal" capabilities; ice floating flower species, species of violet water good, half green bracelet is now sought after by the market, the price of straight!

    ※ grapevine, the mainland market heat drop of jade, some people believe that by learning to play the boss extravagant policies tired, some people believe the hype overdone, extremes meet ...
    Whether the real reason why, compared to amber, red sapphire ... jade market recently did desolate.

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  12. GRADE A jadeite bangles and raw stone !

    beautiful picture!

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