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J Crew ~aholics Thread!

TxGlam Posted By TxGlam Posted Nov 21, 2009

  1. ^ WOW, great pieces! I may have to stop in today-I only have 2 peices.
  2. ^^ gorgeous outfits & colors DC! Love your style!
  3. I love the merino shirred v neck sweater- I'm wearing it right now! (in deep aubergine)
  5. :hugs: Thank you, ladies.

    TXGlam - are the belts you have on in the pics from J. Crew? and I'm glad you feel the same way about the jacket, being boxy, but I never thought to put a belt on it. I may try that look next time I wear it. It looks great on you.
  6. I love that color too! It looks like it fits a little loose- do you find it's true to size? Sometimes shirred tops look a lot different on than they do in website photos.
  7. Yes, the patent taupe and patent black on the jacket are from crew. They were on sale for $19 last month.
  8. lOVE YOUR PICTURES!!!! i AM A JCREW addict too !!!.All your outfits are awesome- I have the same shoes silver and black in flats get compliments every time I wear them !!

    Looking forward to more posts in this thread !!!!!!!!!!:smile:
  9. I find that it runs even a bit bigger than other jcrew sweaters- I went xsmall which I always do in jcrew and it is a smidge bigger than my other sweaters. I have it layered under a cami and a button down and I still have a bit of room.

    If I get around to taking a picture today i'll post it.
  10. Some of the shoes that I have ,get compliments on all of them. Not all are comfortable though !!

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  11. Love the colors on this pair !!

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  12. i love j crew! this thread is wonderful. EVERYONE looks so cute in their j. crew clothes. i live in the tshirts and love the sweaters as well.
  13. Miramar - cute, cute shoes :smile:
  14. miramar - Your shoes are lovely!!! I wish I could wear their shoes, but the 7h's are too small, and the 8's are too big - I havent tried them on in a few years because of that, maybe I should give them another go? How are they running nowadays?
  15. I cant find the original email about the black friday sale I got - it said online starts at midnight...can you shop the outlet online? If its outlet only, then I wont be staying up for it...