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It's spring time! FLATS! POST ALL BRANDS!

Karilove Posted By Karilove Posted Apr 9, 2012

  1. I thought it'd be fun to start a thread strictly for flats, all shapes (pointy, squared, round), all colors, all styles, all brands!

    Here are a couple of my flats purchased today!

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  2. a few more shots :smile::love:

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  3. Love flats!!

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  4. I really like those silver/greyish ones!
  5. Thanks for starting this thread, OP, love to join in on a great party! :cool:

    Here are few of my flats to help you get things started (I'll post a few more later, in a day or two)....

    #1 Lanvin Snakeskin Ballerinas
    #2 Chanel Gold & Black Leather Cap Toe
    #3 Elie Tahari Quilted Leather Balleriinas
    #4 Giorgio Armani Silver Leather Genie Flats
    #5 Manolo Blahnik Grey Quilted Leather w/Black Patent Cap Toe

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  6. I love these. Especially the pair on the second pic! It looks so fresh and fun!
  7. You have a great collection! All of them are gorgeous! Can't wait to see more of them :smile:
  8. Are the Chanel Flats comfortable? Do you think they are worth the money. I hear mixed reviews on them, but I love them on your feet. I LOVE Ferragamo flats, but would love to have a pair of Chanel flats. Please let me know what you think of fit/value.
  9. Re Chanel Ballet Flats - I have a pair of black leather with patent black cap toe... They are by far the most comfortable flats I own and my feet do give me trouble! I wore these walking all over Paris for more than a week and my feet were in heaven! Love them and looking forward to getting a second pair. I also have Repetto, Ferragamo and Botticelli, all very comfortable but my Chanel are in a separate class!
  10. I love all 4 however would like to save money and will only buy one :town: Which ones are you loving?

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  11. :p isn't this just cute!

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  12. I like the Kate Spade. I am a sucker for a cute bow!:biggrin:
  13. Ooh, this makes me want a pair so much more now! I have seen them at Neiman's and never tried them on. I suspect if I did, I would already have a pair. :p
  14. A couple of my pairs...Ferragamo. I do own a pair of Tory Burch too. But I found they didn't hold up well at all.