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ISO by HH Item Name - What are you in search of

mibelleson Posted By mibelleson Posted Jan 23, 2010

  1. Pilot

    Kate83675 - any color
    Lulu3955- ICP (less than $122)
  2. PM Pallenberg Duffle

    Lulu3955: Red/the chase
  3. PM Lillie Satchel

    Lulu3955- Corsaire
  4. PM Mosaique Camera Bag

    Lulu3955- Red Multi
  5. PM Mosaique Convertible Hobo

    Lulu3955- Khaki
  6. Tharpe Hobo

    Lulu3955- Bronze Anaconda (can be sample)
  7. Kristy Trench Coat

    Lulu3955: Geo Print (size L)
  8. Celina Cuff

    mibelleson - moonbeam, yam, eggplant
    jennirane: moonbeam, eucalyptus
    Kate83675 ~ ginger, any shade of purple, euc/bb
    MamaToJakers - Moonbeam, eucalyptus, eggplant
    Piky1 - Red
    Sallyca: moonbeam
    Lulu3955- Moss, Amethyst Snake, Yam
    novella - Eggplant, Moonbeam, Yam
  9. Pompidou

    novella - Metallic Indigo (EUC to NWT please)
  10. Lido Clutch Wallet

    Carlottalyn: Lead!! Or BP
    SeriouslyBrenda: Bouton D'Or & Tango Red Harlequin
    Sallyca: LEAD
    novella - Lead (EUC to NWT please)
  11. Mercer Clutch

    novella - Indigo Kimono (EUC to NWT please)

  12. Bowery Studded Mini Clutch

    novella - Violet Metallic or Vintage Silver (EUC to NWT & under $100 please)
  13. Paule Marrot Edition Barrel Case

    novella - Harlequin, Blue Floral and Grey Floral (EUC to NWT please)
  14. ZELDAS

    missangelina - Black, size 9 or 9.5
  15. Lyon Satchel

    missangelina - Bouton D'Or (this is my HG :girlsigh:)