Island Adventures

  1. Hello Ladies and Gents:

    I've been away the last week due to being on vacation in Key West, FL. Since tPF has sent me notice that I should become active in posts once again-here I am.
    Since I just lost my original and very long post a second ago, this version is shorter.
    I figured I'd tell you about my LV sightings. Were any of these YOU?

    Duval Street
    Damier Azur Saleya (smallest)

    Sun. 29th
    Key West Airport
    Mono Mini Looping
    Mono BH
    Mono Montsouris MM
    Newark, NJ Airport
    Mono Speedy 25 (dark-haired girl in a hurry)
    Mono Ellipse Petit Modele (stuffed to capacity, things sticking out)

    Since I'm a newbie, any one of these could have been a fake but I'd like to think that I've gotten pretty good at knowing those since finding tPF. I omitted the UGLIES/fakes: Mono bi-fold wallet a man was using to pay for fried conch shells, Mono Cabas Mezzo-ish thing at KW Airport. Hope you enjoyed my listing. It's good to be back.