Isla Fisher gives a sneek peek of new baby!!

  1. Isla Fisher cuddled up with her brand new baby Olive in LA yesterday. Between the kisses and pajama pants, this picture is just too precious — look how tiny she is! Speaking of being small, Isla looked healthy and fantastic running some errands later in the day. Having a newborn is exhausting, but you wouldn't know it by looking at fresh faced Isla. Plus, Isla's always been an itty bitty woman but seriously — she and Keri Russell must know something that we don't. We can't wait to see more of adorable little Olive with her almost as cute mom and dad.


    How cute is she?!
  2. Its such a beautiful thing when a baby enters the new world.:lol:
  3. aww that is such a beautiful pic of her kissing her baby
  4. Awwww baby... they are too cute.
  5. She looks so happy! I don't quite know what I think of the name Olive though. It's better than some really odd ones, like Moxie Crimefighter and Audio Science...
  6. I think Isla is such a natural beauty! It'd be nice to see her in more movies!
  7. Isla is SOO stinking adorable! Love those photos! I saw one of Sasha carrying the bay in the car seat carrier, just love those first so many photos:love:
  8. She looks fabulous! That poor thing got soo stinking huge at the end and look at her now! Cute baby pics..aww...
  9. awww I love that pic, soo adorable!
  10. Awwww. Too cute!
  11. I didnt even know she was ever pregnant! Very nice pic. Something about it makes me feel more at ease than seeing Britney awkwardly holding her kid
  12. too cute! isla is such a beauty--i love her hair color!
    umm, yeah, Olive---oil? Oyle?
  13. cute!
  14. such adorable photos!
  15. aw, that's so cute!