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Isabel Marant Boots thread!

calisnoopy Posted By calisnoopy Posted Jun 19, 2009

  1. thanks...they really are lovely...i love mine!

    thanks =)

    me the end that was why i chose the i have so many other black boots too!!
  2. I'm so excited I finally found my beloved Marant booties. These are so hard to find in the USA since you can't seem to find them online. Any other Marant boots lovers out there?

    I purchased this style in beautiful taupe color:



    Here are a few photos of them on fashion blogs:






  3. Congrats! That is awesome. It is hard to find Isabel Marant in the USA so excellent job!

    I have been loving Isabel Marant and drooling from afar for a loooong time. One day I hope to own my own pair.

    Wear them and enjoy them! Please post pics when you get them in your hands!
  4. Very cool boots beauxgoris - big congrats!!!! :woohoo:
  5. tb-purselover- Thank you. :flowers: They should be here by monday or tuesday. I'll post photos for sure!

    Thank you straight laced - I've become a huge fan of hers recently and I'm so excited to finally purchase these boots as I've been thinking about it for 6 months or so.
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    beauxgoris: I've been searching for these, too! Where did you find them?

    They are going to look awesome, congrats!

    edit: Does anyone happen to know the price/availability in France? I'll be in Paris in March and would love to purchase a pair if possible.
  7. Those are cool beaux! love love isabel marant...
    i have these joie boots that are reminiscent of this.

    this is what im yearning for though!
    the fulber jacket!

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  8. ^^That jacked it tdf! I'll take one too please!
  9. MORE pix SVP!!! lol

    Is that France in the modeling pix??!?!?
  10. ^^I think so - she's has a blog I like and she travels a lot though she's based in Paris I believe.
  11. congrats beaux! i love IM SHOES...i am desperately looking for a pair of IM red pumps but seems to be sold out everywhere :sad:
  12. ^^I know the exact ones you mean - those were so gorgeous!

    These ones, right?
  13. They ARRIVED! They're even more beautiful then I thought they'd be. I'm spraying them with a suede protector so I don't have to worry about them - after that I'll take photos!
  14. Yay! Can't wait to see them :yahoo:.
  15. chloe and beaux,,, those poppy suede pumps are love!
    im hoping to get a pair too!!!