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Is my Bayswater fake?

Marekka Posted By Marekka Posted Jul 29, 2012

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  1. I have recently bought this "mulberry Bayswater", and are VERY suspecious about its authenticy !
    Everything seems to be wrong about it:
    It dosn't look like real leather, the zipper dosn't look right, the batch with the three on is sitting in the wrong place, and the numbers on behind is black, and not clear like in the "real" one. Furthermore the dustbag seems in the wrong color, and the three isn't in gold.

    I have payed for a real one, so I am very sad that I have received a fake one
    The Seller will not give me my money back, if I don't have a statement from Mulberry, but I think that it is enough from here? Mulberry in Denmark cannot give me a statement in text..

    Help me

    pictures at this link:
  2. ja okay, thank you!
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