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I'm cheating on HH...which Tano should be the one?

SarahBeth Posted By SarahBeth Posted Jul 6, 2011

  1. Hey girls! I'm new to Tano as I've been loyal to Hayden Harnett for a while. :smile: I would love to try a Tano sale bag and am looking at the Serial Dater in Sour Cherry, Plum Jelly, and Pink lemonade. I'm also looking at the Self Portrait in Azul. Which one do I want? Right now I'm carrying a Hayden Harnett Eggplant Havana which is the closest I've ever found to a perfect bag...size, pockets, everything.

    Soooo, which of the two bags above do you like best...and which color? I would love a color that will work for fall. I somehow never managed to get a summer bag and now I feel like it's too late. THANK YOU!
  2. Here's a picture of someone's Serial Dater in the pictures reference library:

    And a Self Portrait in taupe:

    They're different leathers; the Serial Dater is the crunch, and the Self Portrait is (I think) plush - not shiny like the other and is smooshy. Someone here has the azul color in another bag, which is a very bright blue.

    I don't have either, but hope this helps. Must Have Bag is also have a sale of their summer bags. New styles will be shown on there for fall soon!