Identify this Celine Bag

dlf6588 Posted By dlf6588 Posted Feb 2, 2010

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    I saw this celine luggage online, it is mentioned this florescent pink is summer/spring 2012. I have no idea if this one is fake or not. Please someone could help me to identify?
  2. This is the asymmetrical bag, still trying to find one myself.
  3. I thought the Celine was the Celine luggage??? It's a "Boston"?
  4. Hello! Would anyone know what this bag's name is and when it came out? Thanks!

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  5. [​IMG][​IMG]
    This is so cute!!!
  6. gourmette
  7. Does it only come in suede?
  8. i've only seen this bag in suede, not sure if they come with other leather
  9. Thanks! Is this new?
  10. Hi there! The Gourmette is from Spring 2012 and it also comes in lambskin, suede and a patchwork of suede and lambskin.

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  11. It is quite beautiful!!!!!
  12. I was wondering if this is the Celine Mini in Dune? Please verify for me thanks.

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  13. Hey girlies!

    Wondering what these ones are called?