I was blindsided by a rainbow!

_bella_ Posted By _bella_ Posted Dec 29, 2007

  1. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :shame:

    So, a week ago with my last bit of Christmas shopping left to do I realized I didn't have anything for my MIL. So, while strolling through the crowds of shoppers I passed by a very colorful Hermes display and thought to myself "What would she never ever buy for herself." and decided I'd get her a scarf and a nice new wallet. There were plenty of choices and I ended up deciding on a Twilly and a Dogon. While the wonderful sales assistants dug through every drawer and hiding place finding wallets, I decided I'd treat myself to a wallet as well and ended up chosing a Vert Anis for myself and a Rouge Garance for MIL, the first Twilly for her, a second Twilly for the Jimmy Choo that I was carrying and then in the blink of an eye I was trying on bags. I had already thought about a Picotin or a Lindy, but I was thinking I'd come back closer to summer and get one. So they started hauling out bags for me to try on but there were only two Lindy's in Parchmain and Etoupe swift. Not my colors at all. The Picotins on display were the same colors, but the SA said they had more in the stock room. After looking in the stock room and dragging out a TGM in potiron and a MM in white swift I decided I needed to think about it. So, I was actually starting to open up my wallet to pay when he said "let me just look at what we are expecting, I'll get the order book." So off he goes and I start looking at Ulysse notebooks and decide on a Rouge Garance with a blank filling and an Orange Carmencita. And I turn around and he's walking out from the back room with the biggest grin and a shrink wrapped box. "I found something that just came in that you might like" So, he opens it up and before he can even get the whole bag out of the sleeper I say "Oh yes, that's the one...bag it up!"
    Just what I was thinking of when I considered a Picotin. An MM in Orange Clemence. It's like a little pumpkin, and it fit perfectly with my already chosen wallet and notebook and carmencita. What's more, I already had a twilly that would decorate it perfectly.
    But wait!! the story doesn't end there.....
    He also brought out the order book and said to me "I know you're thinking about Lindy, so let me just see if there are some colors you might like that we're expecting" Sadly, the only one that got close was a new color that was a mustardy, curry kind of color. (I forgot the name) Then he looked at me and said "Why don't we just order you one?" UGH! The last thing I needed to hear in my state of shopping weakness. So, sometime in the future I'll be tootling around with the most gorgeous Swift Lagon Lindy! :drool::drool:

    So, a few days ago when my DH is doing book keeping he asks me "what is Hermes" <<--- pronounced like herpes. To which I replied..."I was blindsided, I swear!"
    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it! :angel:

    Oh, and I waited this long to tell my story because I was hoping we would have a sunny day to take some proper pics. Which we finally had today. So...On to the photos!
  2. Great story! everything sounds yummy! Hurry with the photos!
  3. I love your story! Congrats on your purchases!

    What colour is Lagon?
  4. :yahoo::yahoo:yay! photos please!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  5. These are only pics of my things, not what were gifts for MIL.
    Just home from shopping pics:


  6. :woohoo::popcorn:
  7. Lovely story, and a sweet DIL too. Can't wait to see the goodies.

    I think its some kind of blue?
  8. Pics of the small stuff:



  9. Great story. The best one this year. Can't wait to see the pictures.
  10. The wee pumpkin:



  11. Very, very pretty!
  12. The picture of all four together is a work of art. Enjoy in good juicy orange health.:smile:
  13. I almost forgot the Twilly and the Choo!

  14. The colours are just gorgeous! Congrats!!