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I Hope These Fit!

Brooke0502 Posted By Brooke0502 Posted May 29, 2012

  1. Let us know if they fit or not!
    I have last season model with gold studs and black leather and those run HUGE.
    I took mine tts and was heartbroken to see that they one size bigger. After paying all the taxes and custom fees, duh :sad:

    If they changed the sizing I would probably try my luck and buy those again in silver studded version.
  2. Online said they ran tts and then someone else said they went down a size! I just hope they fit because every other place that had them were all WAY to big!! Maybe I can put a foot spacer in there if they are big?!
  3. Yeap, I ended up putting a heel grip to them. It is still impossible to wear them with tights etc, but they are ok with bare foot :smile:
  4. They should be here tomorrow and I'll post pics! I'm really nervous they are going to be to big! I'm crossing my fingers though! I only wish they would have had a 6 or 6.5!!

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  5. So cute!
  6. Aw I've been wanting a pair of mouse flats for forever! Good luck with these and I hope they fit like a dream :smile:
  7. So sad ladies they are to big :sad:

    I need a 6 or 6.5 not a 7.... I guess I'll have to send them back (and pay for the shipping not cool on Saks end or have $10 taken off my refund)

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  8. Aww that's too bad, they look adorable on you! Are these hard to find? Didn't know
  9. In my size yes or unless I want to pay full retail which I don't :sad: sadness just sadness
  10. Haha yes must get things on sale!
  11. Oh too bad - those are super cute! Hope I can hunt down a pair in my size. Can I ask (or you can pm) how much they were on sale?
  12. What size are you doll? I PMed you!
  13. You should check a MbyMJ store. If they haven't already started their sale, they should be very soon. They do a shoe markdown at the end of each season - first markdown is 30-40%, second markdown is usually around 70%. You do have to know your size tho, cuz sale purchases are final sale. I can give you the name of a wonderful SA at the Chicago store if you want.

    My regular mouse flats run pretty big. Overall, I think MbyMJ shoes are running larger than past seasons.