I finally decided...reveal!

laura81 Posted By laura81 Posted Aug 21, 2012

  1. Anyone about?
  2. Yes :biggrin:
  3. Yes but not for long. Aerobics class in a bit.
  4. It'll be a quick one anyway... it's quite obvious from the pics!

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  5. I'm here too, been here far too much today.
  6. Ooohhh reveal! Yes I'm here too!
  7. Evening girls!

    This next pic will probably give her away...

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  8. Wow, a live one! I'm here :smile:
  9. I'm here too!
  10. Here she is....

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  11. Beautiful Bays! Congratulations she's a fabulous classic. This will def be my next purchase..... after saving up for a bit! :biggrin:
  12. Thank you!

    I love her already, was toying between her and the Bryn in store, but the size of the Bays won it for me.
  13. She's beautiful and classic, congrats!
  14. I think you chose well Laura. Congratulations! :smile:
  15. Thanks! I'm so pleased with my choice & can't wait to use her.