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I Ate This! Post pictures of food!

jane Posted By jane Posted Nov 11, 2007

  1. Thanks so much! Lets meet over bellinis! I'll have passion fruit! What's your poison!? ;)
  2. :drinkup: I'll go with classic peach, but I'd love to try passion fruit!
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    I have to share my yummy entree, lamb chops, with lamb belly, along with a fennel and kumquat hash...

    This our side dish...macaroni and cheese with bacon crumbles...
  4. I wish I had that salad - I want Feta cheese!
  5. ;)

    This looks great! What kind of pasta is that in the Mac and cheese? Looks intense lol

  6. Those lamb chops look so good!
  7. ^looks like a fabulous dinner! I've never tried (or heard of being served) lamb belly. how was it?
  8. They were egg shells mixed with different cheeses...just yum!

    They were well seasoned!

    It was a bit fatty, but the salty taste was divine lol!
  9. ^looks like my kind of meal...yum yum!

    ^hehe...sounds good. can't wait to see the goodies you have while on your trip.
  10. ^looks yummy!
  11. Looks delicious!