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I Ate This! Post pictures of food!

jane Posted By jane Posted Nov 11, 2007

  1. Why do I come in here on an empty stomach?!
  2. Made pancit with grilled chicken:smile:

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  3. ^nessie-that looks delicious!

    This was from last good!!

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  4. Sushi is my weakness!:drools:
  5. yummy! it looks somewhat like pad thai.
  6. Mine too!
  7. Homemade Pizza muffins for my kids' lunchboxes

  8. Yum! Recipe please :smile:
  9. Bet your kids were happy to see those at lunch!
  10. ^looks like a yummy treat!
  11. This looks delicious..
  12. Thanks! They were pretty popular at lunch time today - my son ate 3/4ths of his and my daughter ate 2/3rds of hers...a small victory but I'll take it!

    I let them help me make it last night (they're 5.5 yr old twins) and having them involved made them more interested in eating them :smile:

    I started a new lunchbox thread on this forum - I've posted the recipe there :smile:
  13. This is making my mouth water so badly!
  14. This looks delicious!