How long has a SA held a B or K or other items for you?

Vinia Posted By Vinia Posted Jul 28, 2012

  1. I really think it depends on the store and the SA.
  2. hmm...i haven't heard that..but then again, i'm on a ban and not supposed to be talking to my SA at all! :sad: i'd be terribly sad if they can't even hold items anymore since it's a bit of a drive for me not to mention parking etc! wen, please pm me who it was u spoke to...
  3. Well, that's assuming they find an sa who admits there are such bags in the backroom. I have a feeling that if your SA wanted you to have a bag and you were coming in for it shortly, she/he would not "know" that there were any bags in the backroom.
  4. Sadly I was just informed of this policy also three days ago :sad:
  5. i'm sorry i am a bit confused... how is this any different from how it already was?
  6. **nods - true to no holds**

    actually now it makes sense to swipe recklessly :giggles: or walk away!
  7. Before this, the SA will call and ask if you want this bag and be able to hold the bag for you for at least 1 day to a week depending on your relationship with your SA if you want the bag. Some people will just book a plane ticket the next day to get there to pick it up but now with this new policy in effect, you may end up flying there and don't see the bag since there is no hold and any SA can sell it to local client who happens to ask for the right bag at the right time.
  8. Not too much difference eventually... only time will tell...

    No holds, means supposedly SAs cannot hold hot items for certain clients wish list denying others...
    True/False that this old practice is not the question here tho

    - if so - then why should the SA procure/maintain a client list.
    Semantics in conflict.
    H is rocking the internal network that's been in place since genesis...

  9. is this just bags or all other H items as well????
  10. I'm sure ALL SAs wants to work with their clients, but if their hands are tied, how will this impact 'boutique' service going forward?

    I imagine this change is for the media driven items.
    So for them to remain unbias and in control, they are enforcing this across the board...

    Though I think there may be some leniency somewhere...

  11. When I first started working with my SA, she could only hold most items for 2 days and bags just one day. Now that we've worked together for a little while and I know the SM of the store well, she's a lot more flexible. Most of the time she'll send me pictures of items and I'll let her know immediately whether I want it or not. If I want something she can normally keep it for me for up close to 2 months. I was recently away for close to 2 months and a couple of things came in for me including my SO B30, a pair of shoes, and a couple of twillies. She was able to hold things for be until I got back. I'm sure she probably had to ask her SM for special permission but they know that I always buy everything that I say I want so it's not problem. If I'm in town, then I always pick up my things within 2-3 days.
  12. 3 days to max 1 week usually..does yours allow you to fax the credit card form?
  13. thank you for your thoughts on this fashionistaO... i guess we'll see where this takes us...