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How Do You Organize Your Craft Supplies???

mariah9999 Posted By mariah9999 Posted Dec 5, 2008

  1. Wow, Twinkle.tink!!! I'm really impressed with your multiple areas and how everything is so neat and clean! I love it! I can only imagine what fun you and your kids must have! It looks like such a warm and welcoming place to come and be crafty!

    Can I also just add that I love your gorgeous and totally drool-worthy LV's that are in the pics??? This is the Purse Forum after all! :graucho: LOL!
  2. I keep my fabric in either space bags, or those big ziploc storage bags. The smaller things (ribbons, appliques, patterns, etc.) are either in a plastic box, or in the plastic drawer unit thingy. I use a plastic container that has a handle on it for my basic sewing essentials like, scissors, pens, etc. rather than a sewing box.
  3. I love everyones ideas!

    DH and I have been talking about turning our office into half office half craft room so we both can have space in there! I think thats going to be our winter project this year!

    I would just like a place to be able to spread out and not have to worry about cleaning up. I just learned to quilt and that takes up so much space, I have been going it on the kitchen table, so before I even start I have to take everything off the kitchen table, so this way if we make a craft area I can just leave it out while im working on it!

    Sweetneet your set up is perfect! I love that! It makes me want to go clean right now and start making a new scrapbook!
  4. That is the quintessential need for a crafter!!!!!!!
  5. Ugh. You guys are so super-neat and organized. My studio/home office is a MESS! It doesn't help that I also use it for storage, either.
  6. Wow Twinkle.tink! I love your oraganization. I wish I had some oraganization. I have a bunch of those plastic drawer things and some storage boxes, but they are not very organized so I can never find what I am looking for. I really don't have anywhere to keep them either, so they are just shove in corners and cabinets. I think If I had a space like your Twinkle.tink I would do more crafting.
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    My art room is a disaster with four corners. I TRY to keep everything organized. I am forever buying carts, bins, baskets and jars. Everything has its own home. However the moment I begin working on a project, I have to pull this or that from here, there and everywhere. That is where my so-called organizational sytem begins to work against me! I get frustrated and do not put supplies back where they belong because I might need them. I would post photos but it would bring on insta-shame at the sheer volume of mess.
  8. I keep all of my art supplies in a Japanese tansu staircase my mother gave me. It has some flat drawers that are the perfect size for my papers and larger cabinets that keep my paints/brushes. I like that everything is out of sight completely.

    And I keep my pens standing up in containers on my desk.

    (I can take a picture if anyone is confused.)
  9. ^^ Pics would be great, I have no idea what a Japanese tansu staircase is!
  10. My scrapbooking tansu:


    The thing about tansu stairs: the top three steps are a separate piece that you can flip over to fit the remaining steps, forming a complete rectangle. I like it better as steps.

    The sticker drawer:


    The envelope drawer:


    Each drawer or cabinet is a different "category." :smile:
  11. ^^ That is so freakin cool and WOW you're organized!!! :smile:
  12. Omigosh, that's freaking awesome! I want one!
  13. Wow love the tansu stairs! where do you buy something like that?
  14. My husband jokingly refers to it as my mild OCD. :sweatdrop:


    My mom gave it to me, but I know she bought it at a small Japanese furniture store in San Diego. I bet you could find a good deal on the internet.
  15. thanks so much for posting, everyone! this is a great thread. i can never seem to keep all of my odds and ends in one spot. i end up "cleaning" by moving one pile of crap off a table to another table...great ideas!!!!