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Herve Leger @ Gilt! GOOO!

tresjoliex Posted By tresjoliex Posted Nov 17, 2008

  1. They're all gone??:crybaby:I emailed them about getting an membership about an hour ago and haven't got a reply yet. Im so sad...
  2. I managed to snag the purple and off-white bandage dress for $400. Its the one that v. beckham wore to Marc Jacob's fashion show a few months back...
    I hope a S isnt too large... they were out of XS's. I figured if it doesnt fit I'll be able to sell it on eBay and get my $ back at least. Although I'm crossing my fingers... Ive wanted an HL forever!! It took me about 10 minutes until someone else released it from their cart. I'm a little leery ordering from gilt after my stained DVF experience, but at least that stain *did* come out, and I NEVER see HL's on sale...
  3. ^ lucky! i tried forever and didn't get anything..oh well...congrats to all who scored!
  4. If you want an invite...send me a PM. They don't give you a limit.
  5. ^^ I don't believe that's allowed.
  6. You mean giving out invites.....Why wouldn't it be allowed?
  7. ^because if you buy something, the person who sent you a referral gets a shopping credit.
  8. Oh..didn't think about that. I've never bought anything on there. Ok, sorry guys then no pms.
  9. aw i totally missed this. All of those dresses were absolutely beautiful! le sigh ~ and awesome prices! congrats to those who were able to snag one!
  10. I misse it..I knew it was coming, but I forgot...
  11. sold out waaay fast!
  12. My purple and off-white bandage dress arrived today and it's AMAZING! Like plastic surgery in a dress :smile: Now I know why all the cool kids wear HL ;)
    I think I danced around my apartment for a good hour in it, I was so excited...
  13. Yeah I woke up late that one day and they were all gone.