Help me identify this Ferragamo, please! The official thread

jburgh Posted By jburgh Posted Apr 24, 2009

  1. OK, I asked my San Francisco SA and he said this bag was only available in the Asian market. That is all the info I can get.
  2. I'm considering buying this bag (my first Ferragamo!) and was wondering if anyone could identify it for me. Thank you!

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  3. Some time ago, I've drew and uploaded a picture of a bag that I used to own but did not know the style name. Now I've finally managed to get one pic on the net.

    ???? 21-2426 ??? Ferragamo

    Pls help me identify the name and I so regretted selling it off that I'm on a hunt for it now.
  4. If it is similar in style to that it could just be the Marisa in a patent. They have made it in different colors and variations every season.
  5. I keep seeing where either it was Saks or Nordies where they will have a sale on Ferragamos. How often does this happen?
  6. It happens about once or twice a year normally in the summer. This happens at Saks (Neimans will put some random fendi spy bags and higher end juicy's on sale) The Neiman spy bags are normally non classics and are the smaller versions. Saks will put a variety of designer bags on sale. It's best to stop by during the pre-sale and put them on hold. They are based on a first come first serve basis and it is better to go to a store if possible rather than ordering online. I have noticed the online ferragamos tend to be the "ugly" weird ones. I got a black marisa at one of these saks sales for only $600.
  7. HI! i'm desperate!! i can't find the name or a picture of this bag anyways.. has anyone seen the movie confessions of a shopaholic??? it's a a beautiful green shoulder bag square shaped and thin... with a thick metal chain similar to the marc jacobs stam bag chains.. isla fisher never wore it in the movie.. but she was holding it towards the end of the movie when she's sitting in the office talking to her debt collection with a bunch of pennies everywhere.

    does anyone know what bag i'm referring too??? please help!
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    It's a big bag, could anyone pls help me recognize this Ferragamo bag?
    Thank you very much!;)



    It's a big bag, could anyone pls tell me its name and year?
    Thank you very much!;)



    no one has seen it before?...:amazed:
  9. all your posts are about this bag !!!! , please be patient - look back in http://forum.purseblog.com/ferragamo/ forum for answer.

    please note the PF does not allow duplicate threads.
  10. sorry... i have just registered in this forum i won't do that anymore :shame:
  11. wsgylg - Sorry, we a re a low traffic forum. The name of this bag is called the Marianna. It has been made for a few seasons. I believe the name of that color could be Mercurio. I do not know the season. Anyone else want to chime in?
  12. thanks very much, jburgh it's really nice of you :smile:
  13. Hi Ladies, Can you direct me to the correct forum to authenticate a Ferragamo bag? I posted a couple of times in what I thought was the correct thread with no response, and I don't want to duplicate my posts.:sad:

    I appreciate all that you do. TIA