Have anyone seen this color??

Creammia Posted By Creammia Posted Aug 5, 2012

  1. I juz saw this pic from the celebrity forum....Tamara Ecclestone is carrying a bright yellow phatnom....

    Anyone seen this color from the store yet? Or this is a special order only?
  2. I m hoping to get it:smile:


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  3. ;)Would it be this one??:graucho::biggrin:

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  4. That one in your attachment looks a bit suspect :nogood:. I believe she is carrying the limited edition Ponyhair ones in Citron. More photos here...

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  5. wow good eye on the ponyhair
  6. Yes she bought it at Barneys in Beverly Hills and it is the Pony Hair Citron small phantom. I think they still have one more - ask for Jeremy in Celine handbags he will get it for you :smile: good luck!! I adore the ecclestone sisters style! They both dress so "normal" and classy.
  7. Ohhhhh.....Thanks so much cotonblanc for identifying....the Ponyhair is nice~~

  8. WoW....You ladies are the best~~Thank you soooo much lisabmiller......

    Yea i love their style too :smile: