Louis Vuitton

Happy VDAY!! Show us your vuitton gift!!!

Posted By inlovewithvuitt Posted Feb 14, 2008

  1. Has not arrived yet but the Stephen Sprouse Leopard bandeau. It will be here wednesday! ! ! !
  2. No LV gift for me for VDay.. I normally receive flowers, chocolates, and then we go out for dinner..:smile: But we will probably have to do it this weekend, not today, since we both have work and we work late.

    I feel bad for him coz my birthday is in December, then Christmas, Anniversary in January, then VDay.. So I don't encourage him to give me anything on VDay.. I'm a good girl..:cutesy:

    Happy Valentine's day everyone!!!:biggrin::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  3. Absolutely gorgeous:biggrin:...congrats :smile:
  4. What size, is it the 35? happy new LV :smile:
  5. I got le mirror-thingy in amarante raye :3
    I honestly love the randomness about that thing.
    its actually way too expensive for what it is in my opinion.
    but thats what makes it so luxurious :cool: well at least in my opinion.
    and the vernis looks amazing...wish i had the sarah in raye :p

    oh and fyi:
    vintage terry cloth elephants by Andreas Linzner
    Kiiroitori by Rilakkuma
    409017_1854506498803_1725054652_911912_1422148250_n.jpg 423369_1854506898813_1725054652_911913_767560236_n.jpg 430986_1854507098818_1725054652_911914_790869189_n.jpg
  6. geez~* gift marathon:sweatdrop:
  7. My V-Day gift is the Verona GM and the Pomme Key Case :smile:
  8. i got a preloved saumur 35 as my vday pressie :biggrin:
    it is not arrived yet ....
  9. My Fuchsia Alma PM arrived yesterday for Valentine's Day and she's perfect! :happydance:
  10. Tapage bag charm (that I picked it out), to go on the pre-loved Tulum GM (that he had picked out for Chinese New Year). :love:

    edit to add: ..... WOW those attachments came in bigger than I intended. :weird: Sorry. I thought they would do as they used to do ... just become little thumbnail pictures to click on. Sorry.
    Tapage_bag_charm.jpg Tulum_GM.jpg
  11. lvbracelet.jpg
  12. DH got mine while on Vakay. Mono lockit mm and mono bracelet.
    IMG_7309.jpg IMG_7316.jpg
  13. Dear boyfriend didn't give me lv for present. But he did gave me a totally cute bling bling hello kitty handphone pouch for my iPhone before I get off the car after a nice seafood dinner *chilli crabs yummy* and a cuddly movie session. He's so sneaky cos before he told me he isn't giving me any present so ask me not to get him anything also. :p
  14. Roxbury Drive one of my all-time favorites!! I have it in Indigo Love Love