GUCCI Sales, Outlet, Web and Authentic Auction Deals Thread • No Chatting Please

  1. Hey guys!! im dying to get a real gucci horsebit hobo bag....can anyone please suggest a seller .. i tried it all on my own, and recieved a fake bag, so i need someones help... thanks so much!!!
  2. don't post your own auctions here.:tdown:
  3. Maria...

    Try and not sure if they have gucci hobos, but it's worth looking at their other great buys.

    I'm going to try the outlets at the end of the month. what city do you live in? I think the outlets are the best bet... I want to know with 100% confidance that my bag is real, and even if I'm 99% sure I got a real one, I'd always be worried if I bought it on eBay...

    Good luck!
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  5. hey... sox fan... i live in Ottawa Canada, (so i don't know if theres any outlets around here) also thanks for that information on those two website!
  6. ^ If only it was the white leather trim :crybaby:
  7. hey thanks for those postings.. i made an offer so we'll see if its accepted!!
  8. =)